Goldsmiths' Fair 2017 Announces Its' Exhibitors 


Goldsmiths’ Fair 2017 Announces 2017 Exhibitors

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The Goldsmiths’ Company has revealed the 126 designer-makers selected to show their latest exquisite collections at the 35th edition of Goldsmiths’ Fair  92 jewellers and 34 silversmiths, including 10 recent graduates making their debut. Half the exhibitors will feature in Week One and the other half in Week Two. 

Goldsmiths’ Fair is the UK’s leading luxury destination to view and buy original precious metal jewellery and contemporary silver direct from the makers. Staged at the magnificent Goldsmiths' Hall, a stroll away from St Pauls’ Cathedral, the Fair is the perfect antidote to the tedium of the high street.

Bespoke luxuries in silver and gold make it a chic fashion and interiors wonderland. From the traditional to the cutting-edge, there’s something amazing for everyone at Goldsmiths' Fair: gemstone rings, diamond encrusted necklaces, enchanting brooches, minimalist earrings, silver whisky tumblers, enamelled silver vessels, and so much more. The exhibitors’ stunning creations not only provide instant gratification but will become treasured heirlooms.  

The Goldsmiths' Company are excited to be welcoming back renowned jeweller Shaun Leane who built an international reputation collaborating with Alexander McQueen, and silversmith Ane Christensen whose elegant Scandi-chic pieces push the boundaries of functionality and form, as well as featuring established society jeweller Elizabeth Gage for the first time ever. These are just a few of the dazzling talents showing at Goldsmiths' Fair.

Goldsmiths’ Fair 2017 Exhibitors

Week One

Disa Allsopp, Vicki Ambery-Smith, Zoe Arnold, Flora Bhattachary, Colette Bishop, Chris Boland, Jonathan Boyd, Abigail Brown, Michael Carberry, Margaux Clavel, Max Danger, Ute Decker, Mikala Djørup, Tomasz Donocik, James Dougall, Yen Duong, Andrew English, Alison Evans, Esther Eyre, Elizabeth Gage, Gill Galloway-Whitehead, Yvonne Gilhooly, Beth Gilmour, Grace Girvan, Lilly Hastedt, Jo Hayes Ward, Ingo Henn, Sarah Herriot, Kathryn Hinton, Stephanie Holt, Adrian Hope, Teri Howes, Ornella Iannuzzi, Kyosun Jung, Josef Koppmann, Andrew Lamb, Shaun Leane, Beth Legg, Vicky Lew, Julia Lloyd George,Shona Marsh, Lucy Martin, Ryan McClean, Melissa Montague, Shivani Patel, Brett Payne, Lizzie Peers, Ami Pepper, Errin Quinn, Alexandra Raphael, Justin Richardson, Kayo Saito, Naomi Scott, Jean Scott-Moncrieff, Kerry Seaton, Mary Ann Simmons, Graham Stewart, Joanne Thompson, Anna Wales, Samuel Waterhouse, Aoife White, Heather Woof, Cristina Zani. 

Week Two

Jane Adam, Hidemi Asano, Karolina Baines, Evgeniia Balashova, Stacey Bentley, Barbara Bertagnolli, Juliette Bigley, Nina Bukvic, Deborah Cadby, Elizabeth Campbell, Sonia Cheadle, Ane Christensen, Imogen Clarkstone, Scarlett Cohen-French, Angela Cork, Alan Craxford, Jacqueline Cullen, Mirri Damer, Patrick Davison, Rebecca de Quin, Tamar De Vries Winter, Hamish Dobbie, Annabel Eley, Tina Engell, Serena Fox, Maria Frantzi, Polly Gasston, Lucie Gledhill, Sophie Harley, Emmeline Hastings, Susi Hines, Ulla Hörnfeldt, Mara Irsara, Jessica Jue, Daphne Krinos, Sue Lane, Anna Lorenz, Catherine Mannheim, Catherine Martin, Rhona McCallum, David McCaul, Graeme McColm, Ellen Monaghan, John Moore, Mark Nuell, Filipa Oliveira, Louise O'Neill, Sarah Parker-Eaton, Frederick Rich, Tom Rucker, Romilly Saumarez-Smith, Maya Selway, Dominic Simon, Sarah Straussberg, Craig Stuart, Rie Taniguchi, Elizabeth Terzza, Adi Toch, Jessica Turrell, Tanja Ufer, Adam Veevers, Marie Walshe, Yusuke Yamamoto. 

Event Details

Week One: 26 September – 1 October 2017 
Week Two: 3 – 8 October 2017 

Opening Times 
11am - 6pm (Thursdays late till 8pm) 
11am - 4pm Sunday 
Closed Monday 2 October 

Entry (valid for one week) - £15 
(Advanced online - £12) 
Entry (valid for two weeks) - £20  
(Advanced online: £17) 
Breakfast Talk - £10 with valid entry ticket 

Goldsmiths’ Hall, Foster Lane , London EC2V 6BN​

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