“Behind the Scenes” Windows at Gill Wing


Gill Wing Launches “Behind the Scenes” Windows

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Gill Wing Jewellery Celebrates their team's own personal passion for creating jewellery with “behind the scenes” windows showing the inspiration and skill behind the jewellery they each make themselves.

For over 20 years Gill Wing has been the place to discover raw jewellery talent.

Many of our favourite makers have gone from beyond the cabinets to also be part of the Gill Wing team over the years, sharing their knowledge and passion for hand-made jewellery in Islington.

Our first “behind the scenes” window begins on Monday 22nd May, showcasing work from Eden Silver-Myer and Zoe Stevens.

Each week a new window will be unveiled, featuring more from the Gill Wing Jewellery team, past and present including Rachel Jones, Franziska Lusser, Kostadinos Karanikas and Jade Mellor.

Win a Gill Wing Gift Voucher!

We will be asking for your feedback with the opportunity to win a Gill Wing Gift Voucher! You will be aiding research for Eden Silver-Myer's MA studies, stay tuned for how to get involved!



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