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Gerald Genta Heritage Association creates Inaugural prize

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At the occasion of Baselworld 2019, the Gerald Genta Heritage Association is pleased to announce the creation of the annual Gerald Genta Prize, with the aim of recognizing talented young designers and high potentials in the fine watchmaking industry. 

The first awards ceremony will take place in Paris in December 2019, then successively in Geneva (2020), Monaco (2021), London (2022) and Basel (2023).

In addition to the Special Gerald Genta Prize, different categories of awards will also distinguish several other promising talents across the sector (Innovation Award, Audacity Award, Special Asia-Pacific Award, Special Europe Award, Special Americas Award, Special Africa Award, Special Middle East Award).

The panel for the Gerald Genta Award is made up of the Gerald Genta Heritage Association’s Honorary Committee. Alongside Evelyne Genta, Chairperson, the members of the committee are as follows : François-Henry Bennahmias, CEO, Audemars Piguet; Paul Boutros, Head of Watches, Americas and International Strategic Advisor, Phillips; Christiane Combes De Senarclens, Lawyer & Legal Advisor; Simon de Burton, Expert Journalist; Nick Foulkes, Journalist & Author; Laurence Genevet, CEO, EPI Communications; Alexia Genta, Marketing Expert and Founder, Alexia Alterations; Dody GiussaniI, Editor in Chief, L’Orologio; Judikael Hirel, Editor in Chief, Le Point Montres; Fabienne Lupo, President & CEO, Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie; Osvaldo Patrizzi, Horological Consultant ; Laurent Picciotto, Founder of Chronopassion;  Alain-Dominique Perrin, Co-President, Strategic Committee at Groupe Richemont and Chairman of the Cartier Foundation; David Snowdon, Honorary Chairman for EMERI at Christie’s; Yves Romestan, Founder & CEO, YRSA Communications; Michael Tay, Group Managing Director of The Hour Glass.

Evelyne Genta said:

"The purpose of our association is not only to pay tribute to one of the greatest creators of the fine watchmaking industry but also to reward and support the promising talents of the sector. The creation of the Gerald Genta Awards is therefore an integral part of our raison d'être. In addition to this, we will shortly be announcing other initiatives, which will help to share the creativity, generosity and visionary spirit of the "Picasso of Watches" more broadly, and also further encourage the pioneers of tomorrow".


Rebecca van Rooijen


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