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Gemfields, a world leading supplier of responsibly sourced coloured gemstones, specialising in emeralds and amethysts from Zambia and rubies from Mozambique launches its brand new website dedicated to showcasing all aspects of the company.  The site offers users key insight into Gemfields’ approach to sustainable and responsible mining at each of the Gemfields’ owned mines, its invaluable education programmes, information on gemstones themselves and ongoing collaborations with renowned jewellery houses and designers. 

The new site, designed by the bespoke web design specialists, Chaptr, is the result of over 10 months of research, development and testing, with an impactful and luxurious design inspired by Gemfields’ compelling story and brought to life via captivating visuals and film footage.  Visitors to the new site can explore the various layers behind the brand through a series of interactive and engaging features and also discover a bespoke timeline which showcases key moments in Gemfields’ history, thanks to the site’s versatile filtering capabilities. also offers valuable insight to the programmes the company has put in place to support the local communities where its three mines are situated, such as; schools, health clinics, community livelihood projects, water boreholes and environmental conservation projects.   

Designer collaborations are showcased via a curated catalogue of products and visually powerful content, allowing the user to experience Gemfields’ whole offer and view a comprehensive list of stockists, while a detailed buyers’ guide offers gem enthusiasts and novices alike, expert tips into what to look for when purchasing precious stones. 

Gemfields has a proven track record of delivering a consistent supply of professionally-graded, uncut coloured gemstones to world markets through a programme of private auctions as well as offering a division that specialises in helping clients purchase cut and polished gemstones from trusted sources. Gemfields also creates and delivers pioneering marketing campaigns in the coloured gemstone sector, helping to position coloured gemstones at the pinnacle of consumer demand.  All of which is suitably reflected via the newly launched

“We see our website as a window into how we as a company operate, as well as a destination for consumers to learn more about the world of precious coloured gemstones.  We seek to transport our audiences digitally to the remotest regions of the earth where our gemstones are found, letting them feel as though they are there, and allowing them to gain key knowledge about the origins of gems and what to look for when buying them. The resulting website uses film and imagery in a way that not only showcases the incredible beauty of gemstones and their countries of origin, but that is also easy to use and navigate” said a Gemfields spokesperson.


Rebecca van Rooijen


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