Gaelle Khouris' new collection offers Gothic inspiration for Halloween


Gaelle Khouri’s ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ collection launches in time for Halloween

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'The Garden of Earthly Delights' is the debut collection from Lebonon-born designer, Gaelle Khouris. Impeccably timed to launch prior to Halloween, the collection encapsulates the feeling of the season with skeletal insects and scaled creatures. 

With a career in ecomics in her cross-hares, Khouris moved from Lebanon to New York. After realising her true calling in design; she refocused her sights on the study of Fine Jewellery.

Fascinated by philosophy and the intangible realm of the mind, Gaelle commit her thoughts to designs. She creates intriguing pieces for sophisticated women to give them a distinctive edge.

Collections launch in two curated parts that use fine metals, 18ct Gold, Diamonds, and Precious Stones. Some pieces combine more interesting materials such as treated bronze kept under its matte form, Sterling Silver, and Wood.

 COUTURE and CONCEPTUALCouture embraces pieces designed around tangible elements

of nature. Conceptual embraces pieces designed around abstract forms of nature.

 HAUTE, is a third curated part that embraces very fine heavy pieces.


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