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FORGE Celebrates One Year Anniversary

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FORGE, Jewellery Hub in Leather Lane, Celebrates their First Birthday with Champagne, Reflections and Announcements

On Thursday 8th February, FORGE celebrated it’s one-year anniversary with a spectacular party. Annie Warburton, on her first public engagement as CEO and Clerk of The Goldsmiths’ Company, gave opening remarks congratulating FORGE Founder, Amanda Mansell, on her achievements so far.

“Amanda, you are one of the many inspiring, gutsy, entrepreneurs who are breathing new life and new ideas into our trade, into our craft, into our art, into our industry. You had a vision you had an idea and you have passion, a passion for your art, your craft and your trade. A passion for the history of this place where we are now, this historic place, Hatton Garden.  And an idea to do something new to create a destination and you’ve had the determination to make it happen. Your vision has had a huge generosity. This is a hub for creating 

opportunities to make, learn and buy and a commitment to enriching lives through creativity. You are an absolutely revered and accomplished Jeweller in your own right, but your vision extends way beyond your own practice. To creating opportunities for many many many more people.”  - Annie Warburton

The party, attended by members of the trade and FORGE patrons, wonderfully exemplifies the community created by Amanda as a valuable part of her mission to bring together all facets of the industry in a creative and welcoming environment.

Since throwing open its doors 12 months ago, FORGE’s achievements include:

  • Supported & promoted over 130 designers exhibiting in their monthly themed Showcases
  • 37 designers returned for another Showcase (2, 3 and 4 times!)
  • Full capacity of FORGE memberships
  • Taught over 20 workshops
  • 17 Demonstrations
  • 13 Private Views
  • Eight In-conversations
  • Over 4k followers on Instagram
  • Participated in London Craft Week and Clerkenwell Design Week
  • Raised £350 for Cancer Research UK
  • And hosted a Christmas Gift Fair

Notable guests for the INSPIRE series have included Alex Monroe, Solange Azagury-Partridge, Corinne Julius, Rachael Taylor and Ute Decker.

Forge Birthday Charm Bracelet

To mark this significant year milestone, FORGE brought together 18 jewellery designer makers from last year’s showcase to each contribute a charm in their signature style. These are put together to form a unique charm bracelet that will be available to view and buy from FORGE. A symbol of collaboration and creativity:

Sarah Herriot; Amy Findlay; Rie Tanaguchi; Louise O’Neill; An Alleweireldt; Vicki Ambery-Smith; Amanda Li Hope; Lynne MacLachlan; Daphne Krinos; Polly Gasston; Leonid Dementiev; Isabella Bedlington; Maud Traon; 

Sabine Konig; Rachael Plassard; Ulla Hornfeldt; Jane Adam; Jane Moore; Ruby Taglight; Amy Peace; Buzzard; Brandts Jewellery; Percy Graham; Notion Jewellery; Jane Moore; BKB London; Polly Gasston; Linda Connelly Enamels; Amy Findlay; Ruby Taglight; Sarah Herriot; Shirani Fernando; Marcel Salloum; Rie Taniguchi and Kate Hodgson.

February Anniversary Showcase

This month, 15 designers will be participating in the Anniversary Showcase. A wonderfully varied mix of styles and influences., including newcomer Ruby Taglight and fifth time exhibitor Philippa Dunn of Polly Gasston Jewellery. The jewellery is available to view and buy until the end of the Showcase on the 27th February.

FORGE’s mission is to make jewellery accessible to all. Through affordable workshop space, supported showcases, teaching, mentoring and learning. For the visitor, the main space is a Showcase of a huge range of design styles by independent makers and a chance to have a go at making a piece of jewellery themselves.

For the independent designer, it is a chance to showcase and promote themselves in the real world when most rely on digital interactions. Minimal costs and a range of support is what sets FORGE apart from many other short-term spaces. Then there is the community; frequent networking events and many other happenings alongside co-working space provides a space for creatives to share and support each other as makers and businesses.

"We've learned that FORGE is not only a platform for start-ups but also a valuable space for established designers seeking new places to exhibit their work, igniting inspiration between generations. We’ve recognised that offering a showcase isn't enough, so we've supported new talent through our graduate showcase, providing training, mentorship, and connections - lessons we are carrying forward.

We've also witnessed the incredible power of community, growing from 200 followers on Instagram to a community of over 4,000 in a year, reaching far beyond Hatton Garden connecting with jewellers around the world.  We have plans to collaborate with a group of jewellers in Chile and people even recommended FORGE at Venice Jewellery Week!" - said Amanda in her speech.

The Next 12 Months

The next 12 months does not let up on the jam-packed schedule of events, showcases and courses. The day after the party see the first of the MasterMaker series, debuting with jeweller Sonny Bailey-Aird. Over the course of one day, attendees engage in a talk, witness a live demonstration, and partake in a hands-on workshop, all guided by the MasterMakers themselves. The event concludes with a relaxed chat over food and wine.

The INSPIRE series of talks will continue with an illustrious line-up, beginning with FORGE Friend and supporter, Shaun Leane on the 12th March. This coincide with the Bohemian Rhapsody Showcase.

For those in the know; Elsa Tierney’s much anticipated “Art of Wax” will be launched at FORGE to the generous contributors of her GoFund me campaign. This incredible book, compiled and self published by Elsa, will be available to buy after the party in March.

May will again see FORGE participate in London Craft Week, with live demonstrations, special workshops and events. After the success of the 2023 events, FORGE is looking to bring more jewellery making skills to the forefront with it’s events.

And as always – the FORGE monthly Showcases, each inspired by music and art, will bring together an eclectic collection of jewellers from across the UK to exhibit and sell their work. The Anniversary Showcase will be open until 27th February. Jewellery designers can apply to later months Showcases with FORGE and select a theme that would best suit their aesthetic.

FORGE also announced at the event Benchpeg as the headline sponsor for the Anniversary Event. 

"Benchpeg who is also celebrating its 18th birthday this month. Benchpeg is a valuable resource for our industry, and this synergy between FORGE's 1st birthday and Benchpeg's 18th birthday is inspirational and exemplifies the enduring spirit of our industry.  May FORGE continue on an upward trajectory, following in Benchpeg's footsteps.  Our exciting future collaborative projects will continue to support new talent and inject hope and a bright future for independent jewellery businesses." said Amanda.


Rebecca van Rooijen


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