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Fit for a Queen: Arabel Lebrusan unveils the Crown Collection

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Arabel Lebrusan's designs are thoughtfuly crafted to stand the test of time, just like the bonds they commemorate. 

The new Crown Collection is a showcase of elegantly crafted women’s rings in beautiful diadem, coronet, tiara and wishbone shapes, all set with ethically sourced diamonds.

The pieces are designed to make thoughtful milestone gifts, whether it be a wedding, anniversary, or celebrating the birth of a child. The Crown Collection’s versatile and delicate design allows each individual piece to either stand alone or form part of a unique collected of ‘stacker’ rings, 

Designer Arabel Lebrusan says:

“The Crown Collection is a feminine collection of regal silhouettes, soft lines and exquisite materials. Part of the charm of these pieces is their ethical status: we are able to trace each diamond and all gold and platinum used to bring our designs to life.

“We’ve had customers requesting specific designs to complement engagement rings and to celebrate life’s important moments. They are truly a one-of-a-kind gift.”

The Collection’s pieces are crafted from Fairtrade and Fair-mined ecological gold or recycled platinum, as well as traceable Canadian diamonds. Each Arabel Lebrusan piece is delivered in a 100% recyclable jewellery box, featuring a luxurious cushioned velvet lining. 


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