First Minister wears COP26 brooch


First Minister wears COP26 brooch

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The City of Glasgow College ran a competition during Lockdown linked to their HND Jewellery students coursework to design a brooch for the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to wear to COP26.

It was to be based on rising sea levels as an effect of Climate Change.

The winning brooch was designed by a first year student Aileen Dickie-Adams, inspired by the Corryvreckan whirlpool in Scotland, the 3rd largest in the world.

Vipa Designs designs kindly cast her brooch using ethical materials and Aileen, alongside the college's Lecturer Maciej Sankowski, hand finished the brooch, adding the layer of Fairtrade Gold.

The First Minister was presented the brooch and has now worn it to several events at COP26 raising awareness of these critical issues surrounding Climate Change.

The City of Glasgow College were sponsored by Scottish Fairtrade Forum, Cooperative Educational Trust Scotland, Vipa Designs and City of Glasgow College.


Rebecca van Rooijen


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