Exotic Persian influences for Toranj London's 2018 collections


Exotic Persian influences for Toranj London's 2018 collections

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Toranj London has launched its new limited edition fine jewellery collections for 2018 with four new hand-crafted ranges all influenced by founder Sara Peymanpour's Iranian heritage and culture.

Golbarg, which means 'petal' in Iranian, uses a variety of existing motifs used in the design of Persian carpets. Many of the designs take their influence from 1001 Arabian nights stories and in common with the other ranges, use precious metals that are ethically-mined and gemstones sourced from ethical suppliers.

The Toranj London Empire collection comprises items that are all one of a kind and handmade in Iran while both the Noor range, focussing on light, form and colour and the Persian Garden Collection where colourful gemstones are arranged as flowers, are made by the best master jewellers in London and Italy.

New Golbarg range has its roots in Persian architecture 

"When I design these pieces, I’m transported back to Iran,to amazing Safavid and Qajari mosques, palaces and summer houses." said Peymanpour, who was born in Iran and has lived in Iran, UAE, Australia, Canada, UK and Italy. 

"To all that colour, geometry and exquisite Persian motifs."


Kate Laven


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