Ethical message hits home at Fair Luxury Presents....


Ethical message hitting home at Fair Luxury Presents....

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Raising awareness over how luxury jewels are sourced and crafted has been the focus of ‘Fair Luxury Presents....’ at the Goldsmith's Centre in London and with two weeks still to go, the ethical message is resonating with increasing force, according to designer exhibitors.

Just 13 exhibitors, all of them influential and vocal in combining provenance, ethics and responsible business practice with stunning design and craftsmanship have been engaged in conversations with a variety of audiences from consumers to journalists to artisan craft campaigners National Geographic among others.

Although it is a selling exhibition, the emphasis has been fixed firmly on changing people's minds.

"This week has been one for having conversations and we feel we have achieved a real momentum," said Arabel Lebrusan, one of the UK’s first Fairtrade Gold licencees and a member of Fair Luxury, the lobbying group  formed three years ago to draw attention to the environmental and ethical issues surrounding the making of luxury jewels.

"It has been a very positive week - these are issues that we should all be looking into, that everyone should be thinking about and it is good to see consumers asking more and more questions about where their jewellery is made and how the materials are sourced."

"Goldsmith's decision to host this exhbition has been very important especially since it is part of London Fashion Week because they have such authority."

Highlight of next week is a major talk entitled 'A Responsible Supply Chain' which is expected to be a lively discussion on how jewellers can establish responsible supply chains from source to market.

Stuart Poole (Nineteen48) and Victoria Gronwald (Levin Sources) will speak on 'Ethical Choice in Jewellery Sourcing - What to consider and where to start' while Sarah Greenway (Mosami) will outline 'The Ethical Consumer - Who she is and how to talk to her' and Amanda Li Hope, Anna Loucah, Arabel Lebrusan and Jon Dibben will discuss 'Ethical Jewellery in Action – Leading jewellers share their experiences'. 

The talk takes place in the Exhibition Room from 6pm – 8pm. Cost is £10 (incl a glass of wine). Entry to Fair Luxury Presents... is free.


Kate Laven


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