Ellie Air Jewellery welcomes her new collection: "Firma"


Ellie Air Jewellery, Firma: The Brand New Collection

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Firma, the new collection from Ellie Air Jewellery, had been relaunched in autumn 2016 ready for the A/W 2016 fashion reboot.

Italian for signature, 'Firma' is inspired by an antique ring that Lauren found already engraved with her initials. The signet ring is a beautiful and unusual shape and these traits are reflected on throughout the new collection, with dainty 9ct gold and silver stars and rhombus shapes featuring heavily.

Each design in the collection 'Firma' features a star set stone; high quality black and grey diamonds and emeralds. There are also two special rings in the collection: an eternity band star set with brilliant cut stones, and a signet ring featuring the beautiful rhombus shape of Lauren’s found signet ring.

The key addition to this collection is the silver and black diamond range, offering the customer luxury at an affordable price.

This collection is now available in galleries and boutiques around the country such as Gill Wing Jewellery, EC One, and Wilde Jewellery.



Sarah Salmon


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