Alice Sunderland wins JCK Jewelers’ Choice Award


Dutch jewellery designer only European finalist in JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards

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Jewelry designer Alice Sunderland was the only European finalist to win a prize at the annual JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards in the United States. Alice received a ‘silver medal’ in the category ‘Personalized Jewelry’. JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards is considered to be the leading authority within the jewelry industry when it comes to the best and most innovative jewels. Theirs is one of the largest design contests for jewelry designers within the industry.

Alice Sunderland was nominated in the category ‘Personalized Jewelry’ with her famed Calendarring. 

This special ring consists of 365 sparkling diamonds, placed in 12 rows. Each diamond symbolizes a day of the year. This allows for a colored diamond to be placed on a date that is of special significance to the wearer, so that this memorable date can be immortalized. Like the birth of a child, an engagement, or another significant event. Each Calendarring can be personalized by means of the colored diamond, which makes it a very worthy finalist in this category. 

Here you can read everything about it:

Jewelry designers from all around the world sent in their most innovative, impressive jewelry designs, which they consider to be a great representative of their brand. More than 20.000 jewelers, jewelry-influencers and jewelry-editors voted for their favorite jewelry design.

Each year in March, the finalists are announced during the JCK-jewelry show in Las Vegas (United States). Due to Covid-19, this jewelry show has now been rescheduled for August - hopefully allowing for the finalists to be celebrated for their accomplishments.

"It is truly a great honor to place as a finalist in such a large, international jewelry design contest - and to feel the recognition of influential people in the jewelry industry. It is fantastic to see how the United States has now discovered my Calendarrings as well. This is a great first step towards introducing my personalized jewelry to the American market,” said Alice, founder and jewelry designer of the brand Alice Sunderland.


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