DRAKENBERG Presents Birthstone Collection


DRAKENBERG Introduces Birthstones

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The Swedish jewellery brand DRAKENBERG creates timeless and minimalistic jewelleries inspired by the Nordic nature. This spring the designer duo wants to give the collection a new touch and are therefore presenting the new collection Birthstones. A collection of stones representing each month of the year.

“We’ve been working on this collection for some time now and we feel so proud to finally launch it. It is exiting to try a new material and add some colour in a DRAKENBERG way, with a lot of thoughts behind it”, says Andrea Drakenberg Daléus, Creative Director at Drakenberg.

Andrea Drakenberg and Ellen Sjölin met in 2000 when they were living and working in New York City. They both loved the the city pulse but also discovered a shared longing for the Scandinavian natures untouched elegance. Years later they started the jewellery brand DRAKENBERG, inspired by the Scandinavian nature. The Swedish jewellery brand have had a great success on the Swedish market are now looking for new establishment in the UK. The brand values are timelessness, simplicity, raw elegance and thoughtfulness and these words reflects the brand in everything they do.

With the new collection, Birthstones, DRAKENBERG enters a whole new stage by working with new materials and colours. It’s inspired by the unique meaning of the stones that dates back to ancient history and gives a glimpse of the power beyond ourselves. Each stone represents the twelve months and the inner qualities and strengths of the person born at that specific time of year. The collection will include necklaces, bracelets, studs and rings.

"Launching Birthstones is a good complement to our existing collections in 925 silver, 18k gold and diamonds. Our clean and timeless design is still very visible as well as the simple and elegant style", says Andrea Drakenberg Daléus.

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