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Domino marry new collection with improved retailer support

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Dominos new wedding ring collection has launched, with not only new styles to satiate customers varied tastes but also a swiss-army knife of business support services for retailers. The 2019 ring collection is set to impress the most minimal of customers, with plain bands at different widths, to the most maximal; with engraving, signet rings, and bespoke diamond coverage- and everyone in-between. 

The increase in variety ensures end customers should be able to find what they desire within the collection. New styles include three new delicate diamond set styles, five new plain profiles, twenty-two new shaped and decorative designs, twelve new finishing-touch styles and three new signet rings- aimed towards men and women alike. Across the range, the rings are now available in 9ct white, yellow or contemporary rose gold. As previously mentioned, the diamond coverage is also available at 40%, 50%, 60% and 100%, with the option to request bespoke diamond coverage to suit customer requirements. All profiles across Domino’s plain wedding rings are now available in all depths: light, medium and heavy. These options not only give the customers a wider range in choices, but, importantly, a range of price-points. 


Domino's new wedding ring brochure- front cover

Alongside the launch of the new products, Domino are also providing business services to their retailers. The toolkit includes: a sample box to include the most popular designs, point-of-sale materials for both window and in-store displays, retailer branded brochures, imagery and staff training. Domino has also increased its stock holding, with all stock items available within 24-48 hours, to ensure that retailers have the best possible access across the collection.

Creative Director, Naomi Newton-Sherlock added, “We anticipate strong sales for our customers from this new wedding rings range.  The changes that we have made internally, not just to the ranges, but also to the way that we work are starting to really add value to our customers’ experience. The new stronger link between the creative and marketing team has meant that we have really focused on how we help retailers tell and sell the story of these beautiful pieces.”

The new collection is supported by a luxurious tabbed brochure with improvements including 'Diamond sets - At a Glance' - a dedicated page detailing all styles clearly on one page, to make it easier to explain to end consumers. All data tables have been reviewed and simplified, with clear guides on the Domino coding system to aid ordering. Consideration has also been given to the feature shots used within the brochure and online for the groom, bride and the happy couple. The new contemporary imagery is available for Domino customers to use on their own print materials, online and in-store. Retailers can also access special point-of-sale merchandising units and bespoke the Domino website to feature their own branding.


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