Cooksongold marks 100th year


Cooksongold Mark 100th Year Anniversary with New Store Opening

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Cooksongold, the UK’s largest jewellery making supplier, is celebrating 100 years of being at the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

The old shop layout

In 1918 Cooksongold, established a manufacturing site and sales office on Vittoria Street, to serve both jewellery manufacturers and industrial users in the Midlands area.

The business grew considerably in the early years constantly expanding its range of products and production facilities, and as a result bought the premises next door for use as production areas, stock holdings and a store.

Following a series of further acquisitions the business has expanded further to form the Cooksongold you see today.

To mark the occasion of our 100th year anniversary, the firm will launch a new Birmingham store

To mark the occasion of our 100th year anniversary, the firm will launch a new Birmingham store. The complete refurbishment will allow for a greater experience, with thousands more products on display in what will be the UK’s largest jewellery making store. 

Gooksongold have added a range of features, including the new Workshop area to showcase a range of products in stock, allowing customers to try before they buy.

“We are extremely proud to have been a part of the Jewellery Quarter and the wider trade for the last century, and see this anniversary as the perfect time to offer our brand new store to jewellery industry. As the UK’s largest jewellery making store, we hope that the service we will provide can continue to help the jewellery industry prosper for many more years to come”.
Martin Bach - Managing Director, Cooksongold

The new store officially opens to the public 13th August, with a week of celebrations and in store activity for customers to enjoy, as well as 1000s more products to browse.

The new store remains in the same locations that everyone is familiar with,  59 – 83 Vittoria Street, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, B1 3NZ


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