Witness the creation of a Silverwork Commision at Clothworkers' Hall


Clothworkers' Hall to Play Host to Two Prestigious Silversmiths in a Live Demonstration and Meet the Maker Event, as part of London Craft Week

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The Clothworkers' Company will the doors to it's prestigous hall to the public in May, in an event that provides a rare opportunity to watch Silversmiths' at work. 

The event will take place as part of London Craft Week, an initiative that started in 2015, where iconic buildings, institutions and smaller venues accross the City host craft-based events for the public. In keeping with this spirit, Clothworkers’ Hall will open it's doors, giving visitors a rare opportunity to see inside one of the Great Twelve Livery Companies of the City of London. The Clothworkers' Company are hosting two Silversmith's from Company of Contemptorary British Silversmiths to work on thier commission work in public view. 


The two Silversmiths have recently been commissioned to creat major pieces for The Clothworkers' Company, as contemporary additions to their already extensive collection of silver- dating back to the seventeenth century. The makers will be available for visitos to speak to, and learn more about their live commissions and the commissioning process; as well as holding live demonstration sessions in the morning and afternoon.

Miriam Hanid

Miriam Hanid is an award-winning silversmith, best known for her distinctive sculptural silver inspired by water, movement and the natural world. Miriam employs the decorative techniques of chasing and engraving as a focal point in her work. She will demonstrate the process of hand engraving, giving the audience an insight into the life of a silversmith and the bespoke nature of her handcrafted commissions. 

Yusuke Yamamoto

Yusuke Yamamoto graduated from Musashino Art University, in Japan in 2004. He is fascinated by the behaviour of water, clouds, petals and texture of trees. He shapes metal using a hammer and chasing, each stroke expressing a story and an emotion. He exhibits and sells his award winning pieces worldwide, with work featured in prestigious public collectionsin the UK and abroad.

In between demonstations, there will also be a 'lunchtime talk', where the two silversmith's will be interviewed by Angela Cork, Chair of Contemporary British Silversmiths, about their Clothworkers’ Loving Cup commissions. Clothworkers' Senior Archivist, Jessica Collins, will also be there to shed light on the significance of the Loving Cup and Clothworkers’ silver collection. 

The event takes place during London Craft Week, on Friday 10th May. Entry to the demonstrations is free, whilst entry to the lunchtime talk is £10: booking is required for both. To book tickets, click here.

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