"Lagos": Chalk joins forces with Sarah & Sorrentino for AW16 


Chalk Jewellery: AW16 'Lagos' Collection

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Complex patterns, geometric shapes and vibrant colour-ways form a range of bold, contemporary and unique jewellery. This season London based jewellery brand Chalk have joined forces with accessories brand Sarah & Sorrentino, this collaboration made way for the inspiration behind the newest  AW16 collection named 'Lagos'.

Taking influence from the 'Lagos' scarf designed by Sarah and Sarrentino, the designers wanted to mirror the strong graphic lines and abstract patterns seen throughout this particular piece whilst adding a touch of 'Chalk' aesthetic to the materials. The designers cleverly abstracted the patterns seen in the scarf and re-worked the forms to create a striking collection of modern jewellery.

Colour ways this season are rich and bursting with colour, they include a new Persian blue, vivacious orange and shimmering mirrored gold. We also see new etching techniques used, adding more depth to the pieces.

The brands trademark walnut wood pieces take centre stage, developed with new updates such as larger more statement pieces in diverse sillhouettes.

Chalk is a London based design studio established by two architects Malaika and Hazel. The designers have a passion for beautifully crafted design, ranging from the huge scale of cities to bespoke jewellery. Chalk create unique, geometric jewellery using interesting and unusual materials such as walnut wood, acrylic and leather, combining these materials in an individual and inspiring way to devise striking, architectural wearable forms.

Chalk designers Malaika and Hazel met whilst studying Architecture at the university of Westminster. Here they made numerous intricate models using the laser cutting machine; they started to use the same process to make their own jewellery which later became the label.

Since graduation they have continued to make their own pieces and the brand has developed to include their own online shop as well as supplying a number of exciting stockists in the UK. All pieces are designed and made in the UK.



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