W&W Jewellery bang on trend with celestial ring designed to remember moon landing


Celestial Ring launched by W&W Jewellery

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W&W Jewellery have taken inspiration from antique jewellery and atomic post-war design to create a strikingly beautiful piece that is out-of-this-world to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing.

The ‘Celestial Ring’ which interweaves historical and cosmic influences, combines a vintage jewellery aesthetic, upcycled old cut diamonds and a contemporary geometric design concept.

Digitally designed and made in platinum the ring incorporates a unique double orbit shank below the star burst set with old cut diamonds, black diamonds and pale blue sapphires. The sculptural black star draws the focus into the heart of the ring and is black rhodium plated with a steely industrial finish that adds contrast and depth to the cosmic colour palette.

The 3D star burst concept is inspired by traditional Victorian diamond brooches and the distinctive design characteristics of Sputnik. The finished piece is an outstanding example of W&W’s ability to blend extensive jewellery knowledge, cutting edge jewellery design, new and vintage materials with stellar bang on trend results.

Based in Battersea, London W&W Jewellery was founded by brothers Richard and Simon Warrender for those with a desire for distinctiveness. Bringing the knowledge and expertise from their family jewellery firm, the brothers established W&W Jewellery in 2008. The bespoke jewellery boutique specialises in combining precious metals with unusual gemstones and transforming treasured heirlooms into modern jewellery pieces.

The Celestial Ring is now on display at their Battersea based studio and is available to purchase for £6,300.



Rebecca van Rooijen


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