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Catherine Hills 'takes over' Gill Wing

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Gill Wing was the first gallery to show Catherine Hill’s distinctive jewellery, as a fresh graduate from the RCA, living locally in Islington. 20 years later, the gallery is allowing a 'take over' by the jeweller to celebrate their twenty year anniversary.

Over the last twenty years Catherine Hills has won many awards for her nature inspired, textural treasures, as well as being famed as the chosen designer behind the jewellery for the box-office-breaking Harry Potter films.

As one of Gill Wing Jewellery's original selected artists, Catherine has remained above fleeting trends with her unique and wearable designs, the epitome of why Gill Wing began showcaseing the designer's handmade work in the first place.

In celebration of the Islington based gallery’s “new look” they invited Catherine to share an insight into her world, demonstrating her design process with a window installation on Upper Street, the bustiling chic London high street on which the gallery is located.

Combining her vintage and antique tools and ephemera with especially made jewellery pieces in an emerald green theme in tune with May’s birthstone, the jeweller said;

"Green is my favourite colour. Green is all around us: in nature, the grass, the leaves of plants, flowers and trees.” 

The twenty year celebration has also involved a "10 Day Takeover" of the gallery's Instagram account, which started on 1st May and cab be see at @gillwingjewellery and @catherinehillsjewellery


Rebecca van Rooijen


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