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Bvlgari’s high jewellery collection ‘Festa’

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Bulgari’s summer orientated ‘Festa’ collection is centred around the joy of Italian art de vivre where the Maison have brought together over 100 jewels and high end watches especially created for the collection, that is a homage to the “sense of pure happiness of the Italian Festas”.

First launched in June 2017, the collection was presented in Venice, the home town of two Festas which are internationally renowned: the legendary Carnival and the Regatta Storica.

The inspiration of the collection steams from Italian life itself - Italy has always been renowned for its spirit of joy, happiness and celebration. Whether they take place in the palaces of the aristocracy, in the streets and squares of the cities, alongside the canals of Venice, Festas happens everywhere in Italy.

“In no other country you can find people demonstrating their happiness in the streets of a city with such enthusiasm.”

Italians embody their city’s individual sense of style, its palatial joy, its brazen authenticity; this is the BVLGARI attitude, expressed in everything the Maison creates, and it is larger than life.

One of the outstanding suites in the collection is Peperoncini. Peperoncino is regarded both as an aphrodisiac, a traditional ingredient in Italian cuisine and as a protective amulet… Some believe it works also as a protection for infidelity. In southern Italian tradition, peperoncino necklaces were given from the parents to the spouses, as a promise of help in case of need. In all of its meanings and usages, the peperoncino always gives a touch of folly to life, stimulating the senses and strengthening the emotions, just like these surprising Jewels.

“Designing this collection has been an absolute joy.”

Lucia Silvestri, Jewellery Creation & Gem Buying Director at Bulgari

The showstopper high jewellery necklace is set in platinum with green tourmalines (59.08 ct), rubellites (69.04 ct) amethysts (63.29 ct), round and pavé diamonds.

Another of the pieces which truly show the ‘Festa’ influence is the ‘Olive’ suite. In Italy the olives are harvested between late October and November and that very moment is also a local celebration that unifies people. More over olives and olive oil are a secret nectar in most of the Mediterranean cultures, bringing wealth and protection. These unique olive-gems are a true talisman.

The high Jewellery necklace is in white gold with 7 peridots (47.84 ct), 7 amethysts (43.47 ct), 6 tourmalines (42.69 ct), fancy color pavé diamonds (3.85 ct), round brilliant cut diamonds and pavé diamonds (29.75 ct).

The vivid nature of the Palloncini suite is truly carnival in tone. Multicolored balloons are the touch of fun and extravagance much needed in a party or in a special occasion. From birthday parties, to fun fairs, from Carnival to weddings, no matter the age, balloons express exuberance and happiness. This jewel, inspired by the vivid colours of balloons, will bring joy to everyone.

High Jewellery necklace is in pink gold with aquamarine, amethysts, emeralds, pink tourmalines, round diamonds and pavé-set diamonds.

“The main inspiration of the Festa collection is happiness. Joy, and sharing that joy with others in a public or private celebration is very much part of the Italian art de vivre. I have experienced it all my life. This is something you can find in Rome, in Venice, in Tuscany, in Puglia, everywhere in Italy. The Festa runs deep in our way of life. The theme is closely linked to Bulgari, as one of the purposes of our jewels is to give joy and happiness to the women who wear them. A woman who wears Bulgari jewels is also a woman who has a grasp on her life. She can chose her way and make her destiny larger than anyone would have ever dreamed.”

Lucia Silvestri, Jewellery Creation & Gem Buying Director at Bulgari



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