Sally Lees to Exhibit at 'The Brooch is Back' at Craft Central 2017


‘The Brooch is back’ Sally Lees To Exhibit At Craft Central 2017

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Sally Lees is one of 13 designers selected to make a series of brooches by Transport for London for the exhibition ‘The Brooch is back’ at Craft Central 2017.

Sally’s brooches are inspired by the flora and fauna and unusual flowers for Kew Gardens Tube station and by some cute London Zoo animals for Regents Park Tube station.

Pink flamingos, zebra stripes and Rocky the rock hopper penguin and Humbolt penguins adorn the aluminium roundel Underground shape. Sally has printed polished aluminium with her drawings of these animals and birds and dyed it in vibrant colours. 

Rare plants Jade vine and Snake’s Head Fritillary decorate the Kew Gardens brooches and are in the District Line green hue and are crossed with a the blue stripe of the Underground sign.

Sally’s ‘Farringdon brooch’ is printed with snowdrops with the story behind the floral motifs are found in the history of Clerkenwell.

The exhibition runs from 23rd May until 10th June 2017 at Craft Central as part of Clerkenwell Design Week.


Sarah Salmon


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