Brilliant social media earns Alice Barnes 2017 Industry's Choice Award


Brilliant social media wins Alice Barnes 2017 Industry's Choice Award

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Alice Barnes built up a formidable following on social media for her unique paper art jewellery to win the IJL 2017 KickStart ‘Industry’s Choice Award’, beating nine other contenders for the prestigious prize of a complimentary stand in the Design Gallery in 2018.

The ten KickStarters went into battle over the summer to win as many votes as possible from the public via social media and an online poll, with the prize awarded at the discretion of the IJL and The National Association of Jewellers. 

Showing initiative and enterprise in her use of social media and email marketing, Alice gained a larger following than others and impressed the judges.

 “It’s such an honour to win this award, especially considering the talent I was exhibiting alongside this year,” she said.


Origami inspired piece from Industry 's Choice Award winner Alice Barnes

"The support and encouragement I received throughout the competition was such a boost, and I’m so grateful to everyone who voted for me. I can’t wait to return to the show next year as a fully-fledged exhibitor and am already thinking about new designs and what to do with my stand!”

Her jewellery is influenced by the ancient art of origami, using the cuts and folds, angles and shapes skilfully practised in paper art for her inspiration. 

Alice launched a range of new rings at IJL 2017, which are additions to her already popular Pleated Collection. They continue the theme of paper inspired pleats and folds, with a dash of art deco styling and contemporary edge to suit vintage lovers and geometric devotees alike.

The annual KickStart Programme is now in its ninth year, and gives a platform to up-and-coming British jewellery designers within the first five years of business. 

Just ten are chosen to exhibit on a group stand and are given invaluable marketing and industry support from both IJL and the NAJ. 

This year’s line up comprised of Farrah Al-Dujaili (Oddical), Alice Barnes, Becky Dockree, Raliegh Goss, Emily Kidson, Lucy Spink (Lucy Spink Jewellery), Claire Macfarlane, Rhona McCallum, Ana Simoes (Muscari Jewellery) and Heather Woof.


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