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Brazillian designer who turned her back on fast-fashion to exhibit at Milan Fashion Week

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Brazillian designer, Roberta Mattos’, evolution from fast-fashion student to slow-design is encapsulated in her latest collection: Pause. 

The designer began her career in the clothing industry but fell out of love with it due to wide-spread ‘fast-fashion’ practices. She finally settled on jewellery design after trying her hand at other creative industries, such as gastronomy and culture, inspired by a visit to a local jewellery atelier..


The ‘’Pause’’ collection is intentional and conspicuous with its meaning, incorporating the geometric ‘pause’ symbol as a motif within the designs, serving as a gentle reminder to take a break from technology and connect with ourselves and our environment on a deeper level. Going offline, taking a time for yourself, allowing the mind to feel the silence of our inner souls connect us with a higher purpose of being. 

Each material used takes on it’s own meaning: the geometric symbol of pause in rose gold remind us to take a break for ourselves enjoying the company of the silence; the white gold in a fluid form and curves, comes as the result of life flowing, in a soft way, after the so needed pause; the diamonds represent our true soul and purpose that comes to light after this exercise of pausing.

Mattos has been selected to exhibit at the 2019 Artistar exhibition during Milan Fashion Week (19-25 February). She is currently working on her third collection A.d.o.l.e.t.a. The latest collection takes its inspiration from the universe of Childhood, exploring juvenile games such as rock, paper scissors and hopscotch.  This collection will release in three parts, with a percentage of the profits from the latter part being donated to her Adoleta Project- a social programme that will introduce wellbeing tools to children in vulnerable circumstances. 


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