Boodles' 20th anniversary of 'Raindance' 


Boodles Celebrate the Anniversary of Raindance

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Boodles is celebrating the 20th anniversary of 'Raindance' - the original ring - set in platinum - was inspired by a trip to the Chelsea Flower Show one unusually wet summer’s day.

Boodles Head of Design, Rebecca Hawkins, noticed the way light played on the raindrops as they slid down on marble, and was inspired to try to capture their magic. Its scattered design - dynamic yet delicate - reflects light from every angle, with scattered diamonds reminiscent of raindrops glistening in the sun.

To celebrate the anniversary, Boodles is delighted to reveal the ‘Raindance’ ring set in platinum, with rare fancy pink and white diamonds. The total weight of the white diamonds is 2.32 carats and of the pink 

diamonds is a quarter of a carat. And it matches our signature Boodles Pink. You could say it’s a downpour of diamonds!

It is exactly 20 years since the renowned Raindance ring was created, and 10 since the V&A Museum’s jewellery curator chose the classic ring, complete with nine brilliant cut diamonds, as an icon of British jewellery design to showcase in their permanent exhibition ‘Best of British Design’.

The Raindance ring possesses the rather desirable qualities of being both fine jewellery and an exhibition masterpiece. 


Rebecca van Rooijen


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