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Benchpeg catches up with Karin Paynter

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As part of our lockdown chats series, this week Benchpeg catches up with Karin Paynter. Its a long one, but worth a listen, as we go through Karin's career, and the skill sets she developed intentionally and unintentionally along the way.

Karin is an Independent Consultant, the Strategic Lead for Contemporary British Silversmiths and the Creative Director of ERA5050, a campaign for gender balance on British Stage and Screen.

She’s also a Medway trained Jeweller and Silversmith, with an MA from the Royal College of Art, is an award winning Silversmith in her own right, has a career history in commercial jewellery design, haptics and worked at the Goldsmiths’ Company for over ten years transforming their technology & Training Department.

She’s also the powerhouse behind the ‘Silver Speaks’ blockbuster silver exhibition held at the V&A which was complimented by a series of satellite events elevating British silverware in the modern consciousness.

Most recently working as part of the ERA50:50 movement, she jointly won the Equality Services to Theatre Award at the 2020 What’s on Stage Awards in partnership with BBC Radio 2.

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