BAJ Attends Parlement Lycéen Européen


BAJ attends the 25th Parlement Lycéen Européen Meeting

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After securing membership of the Parlement Lycéen Européen last year, the British Academy of Jewellery attended the 25th meeting in France. Bringing together over 50 representatives of 9 European Jewellery Schools from 9 different European countries to discuss jewellery education and plan future innovative Erasmus exchange projects.

The 25th edition of the meeting, raised questions about the future. With economic turbulence affecting schools across Europe, the meeting aimed to bring the members together to find ways to continue working collaboratively to ensure students studying jewellery continue to develop these ever so important European links.

Each year the PLE organises a travelling exhibition of selected student’s work from all participating member schools. This year the exhibition will be on display in Madrid, Lisbon, Thessaloniki, Valenza, Namur, Antwerp, and St Amand, with its final destination the BAJ in London, in the summer 2017.

The students from the Academy also participated to the 3 competitions the PLE organises yearly. The 3 price categories were; design, displaying the best drawings and renders, jewellery; representing the best pieces of jewellery and writing; publishing the best short articles written by the students in response to an open brief. With prices going to various students across the different schools, the BAJ proudly represented their contributions.

Sofie Boons, Head of Teaching and Learning of BAJ said, “This is a fantastic opportunity for the shool to share and enhance our respective teaching methodologies and curriculums. We will develop long-term partnerships with a view to engage in learner exchanges as well as potentially contributing to research projects surrounding jewellery education and the preservation of technical skills across Europe.”


Sarah Salmon


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