Babette Wasserman Returns to the CMJ Show


Babette Wasserman Makes Welcome Return to the CMJ

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Babette Wasserman London returned to the recent Company of Master Jewellers show after a four year absence and showcased her range for men, based in current fashion trends and cultural references.

We were delighted to reconnect with a number of CMJ members at the show and it was a great opportunity for us to showcase our newest mens products in a friendly and relaxed environment.  said Babette Wasserman.

Forever brimming with original ideas, Babette Wasserman unceasingly creates ingenious and innovative designs. Reflecting her great verve for life, influences from classical film, vintage men's fashion and architectural detailing can be seen throughout her collections. 

Each design possesses its own personality, exuding charm and effortless chic. Babette's diverse use of unusual materials such as lava, silk and leather enables the wearer to choose between a modern quirky look and a more traditional feel with exquisite hand-carved semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals or enamelling

Beautifully merchandised on the brands luxurious deep purple and grey suede point of sale, the 2017 range of menjewellery and accessories includes both sterling silver and base metal rhodium plated cufflinks, mens bracelets, necklaces, lapel pins, tie bars and money clips.  

Some of the best-selling ranges include a beautifully hand crafted Sleek Bullet cufflink made from Onyx, Mother of Pearl and Hematite. Classic styles such as the Antique Threepence silver coins which are set into cufflinks, and the Balloon Dog cufflinks which come in gold as well as rhodium plate finishes.



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