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Andrew Geoghegan: Collections for 2016/17

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Every Andrew Geoghegan piece originates from an intrigue with unity, the bringing together of contrasting aesthetics, the creation of relationships between people and natural materials, the cohesion of craft and engineering. It amounts to jewellery with harmony. And it’s this relationship that inspires the most.

As seductive and enduring as each Andrew Geoghegan piece is, it never eclipses the wearer. For all of its gleam and exuberance, it will never outshine her. The spirit and ambition of each creation is to enhance and illuminate the individual. To invigorate and compliment.

The Wearer

It's not about wanting to be ‘someone else’. It’s not about blindly adhering to trends, or sticking faithfully to cultural or social norms. The Andrew Geoghegan wearer has her own unique picture of what is beautiful, what makes her look and feel good, like the assured, confident woman she is. Andrew Geoghegan is a brand for the quietly confident, the self-possessed – the woman who wants her jewellery to complement everything she is, to enhance her own individuality and adapt to her ever-evolving, dynamic sense of style and beauty.

The Marque

The brand marque is all about unity, precision and quality. It is a bold, geometric form that seeks to demonstrate the engineering and craft that is synonymous with, and evident in every single Andrew Geoghegan piece. In time, they hope it will become a recognised marque associated with quality, individuality and  beautiful jewellery.

The brand work with Andrew Neilson, one of the UK’s leading jewellery photographers to ensure that all our product imagery shows the true beauty and design qualities of each piece and collection.

The Cannelé Chocolate remains a firm favourite of their most notable wearer Pippa Middleton and they look forward to announcing further celebrity wearers in  the near future.

New Collections for 2016/2017

Chapiteau Collection

Chapiteau is inspired by Versailles and alive with the flamboyant decadence of its architect, Louis XIV. There are two sides to the sensational Chapiteau collection, which blends the spectacle of unrestrained colour and radiance, and an elegant homage to the stately beauty and distinction of the hexagon. An ornate paen to unashamed opulence and the theatre of beautiful jewellery, the Chapiteau is as lavish and exuberant as it is gently mesmerising.

Clair De Lune 

Hot on the ever-so-elegant heels of the beautiful French-inspired Cannelé collection, Andrew Geoghegan launches a lavish new piece inspired by visits to his French retreat and summer nights under crystalline skies: the beguiling double haloed Clair de Lune (meaning ‘moonlight’) is an ode to Gallic romance and the natural beauty of these rural surrounds.

Clair De Lune Couleur

It was a natural step to add colour to the Clair de Lune and she proves herself to be as captivating in alluring gemstones as she is in pristine diamonds. Inspired by the subtle changes in colour of the moon, the debut pieces delight in palettes of blue, red and gold.

Cannelé Des Cévenn

The beauty of the Cévennes mountains of southern France plays muse in this enthralling spin on the Cannelé collection, touched again by that inimitable Gallic lure. The deep surround of petite shimmering diamonds and a dramatic centre stone capture and reflect back every movement of light, echoing the ever-changing glow of the mountain range, and proffering it up in this spellbinding collection.

Cannelé Collection

Inspired and conceived in France, the Cannelé collection is imbued with a charming sense of Gallic romance. Simple yet beautifully detailed, Cannelé is a gentle statement of elegance, quiet confidence and style. Offered in an array of interpretations, Cannelé is a versatile, enduring collection for all, forever.

Chocolate Box Collection

This miniature piece of cubist art sets a trio of sublime stones in a marriage of order and chaos, for a bright splash of bohemian beauty; a perfectly orderly frame of pristine diamonds holds still the frenzy of vibrant colour that is each collection of glittering, brilliant-cut precious stones.

Cannelé Cabochon Collection

The brightest of glimmering rainbows; a rich riot of vibrant colour, the Cannelé Cabochon collection playfully marries effortless sophistication and frivolous fashion in a coquettish beauty of a cocktail ring. So pleasing to the eye, utterly irresistible to touch, a sensational finishing flourish to a modern, fun-loving look.

Satellite Collection

A radiant, lone diamond plays satellite to a vibrant host planet, ensphered by a union of bright, white stars. The Satellite Collection is compelling both for its unique beauty and the adroitness of its crafting; such a triumph of balance and honest, intuitive design culminating in a truly exceptional family of pieces you’ll treasure forever.


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