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An ode to Sophie Harley's new characterful collections

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The first time I saw a piece of Sophie Harley jewellery in person, I was captivated. The award-winning, British designer creates the kind of jewellery most of us dreamt of as young girls. 

The kind of jewellery that once adorned our Barbie doll’s necks, formed stiffly from bulky plastic, heavily featuring swirls and love hearts, now cast into precious metals and set with sharply cut, radiant gemstones.

Analise necklace and Venitian Wing & Amethyst Heart Drop earrings from the Brilliana Collection

The Sophie Harley brand is striking; it remains true to itself whilst other brands may opt to lean towards the trend of minimalism. Deep, rich yellow gold holds all but the most eclectic outfit hostage, stealing the show. But the jewellery is kept fresh with the frequent addition of gemstones, in deliciously unexpected, girlish hues: pinks, purples and baby blues. 

Atlantis ring from the Atlantis Collection

The new additions encourage the mind to wander, conjuring up elaborate characters. The Brilliana Collection tells the story of a punky princess leading a revolution. Atlantis, a traveller who crafts jewellery from sand dollars, the lost currency of mermaids. Medusa, a formidably stylish villain. It might be this distinctive skill to evoke characters that won Harley the incredible opportunity to design the Algerian Loveknot Necklace, which was not only a key costume choice but also integral to the plot of Casino Royale (2006) and the sequel, Quantum of Solace (2008). 

Corisande and Sophie rings from the Brilliana Collection

Sophisticated edge that preserves girlish youth. It’s a unique formula that’s earnt Sophie Harley many dedicated fans. Amongst these, Joss Stone, Kate Winslet, Jerry Hall, Judi Dench, Colin Firth, Kate Beckinsale and Naomi Campbell. Truly flying the flag for Britain, all pieces are designed, created and manufactured in London using traditional techniques.

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