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Winners Announced: Amberif Design Awards 2017

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This year's winners of the Amberif Design Award have been announced. The competition's theme for the year was 'Periphery', a brief chosen to send entrants to take a closer look at the zone between set and free. An overwhelming number of 124 international artists from 25 countries travelled to this undefined area and explored its options and limits. By sending in a design or photo, they presented to the competition's jury their inspiration, road map or point of view.

To dig a little deeper into the thematic theemes of the brief questions arose from entrant's submissions: What can happen when the rules break up? Which new structures will artists offer when nothing seems defined? The renowned international expert jury followed the ideas, perspectives and pathways int heir selection of winners for the competition. Some cornerstones presented an overwhelming and unseen panorama and were awarded with a prize or a recognition explained the competition's Curator, Barbara Schmidt.

Winners were announced as follows

The Grand Prize
sponsored by Mr Paweł Adamowicz, the Mayor of the City of Gdańsk PLN 10,000:
Winner: Marcin Tymiński, Poland 

The Amber Prize
sponsored by the International Amber Association 1 kg of amber:
Winner: Annelisa Mercier, France

The Silver Prize
1 kg of silver: 
Winner: Susanne Elstner, Germany

Honorary Mentions: 
• Maren Giloy, Germany
• Miron Kutarba, Poland

The Jury selected 16 further works by the following artists for publication in the Amberif Design Award 2017 Fair Catalogue which will be available as part of the exhibition:

Michał B. Fatyga (Poland)
Martina Singerova (Czech Republic)
Justyna Stasiewicz (Poland)
AnnaMaria Zanella (Italy)
Philip Sajet (France)
Maria Domenica Pittorru (Italy)
Giulia Maestripieri (Italy)
Yuri Di Marcoberardino (Italy)
Saerom Kong (Korea/Germany)
Andrzej Kupniewski (Poland)
Hamed Jafari (Iran)
Slawomir Fijalkowski (Poland)
Sabine Flexer (Germany)
Philip Sajet (France)
Zhang Hao (Italy)
Miron Kutarba (Poland)


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