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Amanda Mansell on why she is committed to creating a jewellery hub in Hatton Garden

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Benchpeg spoke to Amanda Mansell this week, as she is nearing the end of her campaign to realise her jewellery hub concept ‘Loupe’ – a multi faceted initiative to support the jewellery industry in the heart of its geographical home.

"When I was first introduced to the Hatton Garden jewellery industry about 20 years ago, so much of it operated behind closed doors.

It wasn't easy gaining entry. I was lucky enough to receive help which opened some of those doors, but ever since then I’ve been involved in various projects and initiatives to help connect people and encourage the sharing of skills, knowledge and expertise, in a sort of pay it forward kind of way.

My biggest influencer was in 2008 when I produced a video called For the love of it,  a delightful behind the scenes look into the fascinating world of jewellery making showing a collaboration between the designer-maker (me) and skilled trade artisans.

This kind of collaboration didn't really happen then.

After that I talked for a number of years at The Goldsmiths’ Company's graduate business support program: Getting Started. I also delivered internships and mentoring schemes from my studio to help provide a ‘leg up’ to those starting out, and gave time to various initiatives and organisations which promoted UK design and craftsmanship. I'm currently working with the Hatton Garden Business Improvement District (BID) amongst others. In my time I've also opened and run a jewellery shop and written a jewellery design book, whilst running my own jewellery business in parallel with all these activities.

So, this most recent initiative, Loupe, brings all of my past influences and experiences, my trade connections and my professional practice together, in order, I hope, to build something which will make it far easier to open those doors for others in the future.

And that is what Loupe is all about really. Creating connections within industry which will pass on knowledge and skills, but also help forge a future for the Industry which I love.

My vision is that we as a trade community create an industry hub, with industry involvement and influence at its core, for industry.

I have secured a highly sort after shop location in Hatton Garden as Loupe’s premises and HQ and Camden Council have already approved a grant to refit and fully equip a co-working jewellery workshop as part of the hub initiative.

I've been having exciting co-creation conversations with a number of supportive and established organisations interested in providing cross-over craft careers support and delivery. Jewellery skills workshops, resources, and mentoring, will all be part of the Loupe hub offering. As a result a number of jewellery designers and micro businesses have already registered their interest to rent a bench space at Loupe.

A crucial part of the concept is to create an ‘experiential’ shopping destination for the jewellery consumer – a driver to physically come and see (post lockdown of course) how jewellery is created: the design and manufacturing process – with the ability to have the customer immerse themselves in the process. The idea is that this would then create footfall within the Hatton Garden shopping district, as a self supporting supply chain mechanism.

Loupe has been my biggest challenge to date. So far its taken over three years to develop, plan and gain support of the ‘big players’, and it has not been an easy process, having to overcome many challenges and delays.

I want Loupe to be self supporting, to wash its face, but in order to set it up, with the best chance possible, I need to raise a bit of capital to help make it all happen. This is why I decided to start a crowdfunding campaign, where investors, who invest, rather than donate towards the initiative, will get equity in the hub and its potential future success.

Loupe has fantastically achieved 78% of its funding goal – but we just need to secure that last 22% of funding so that we can truly press the button and get going!"

If you would like to help fund Loupe – and invest by giving towards the remaining £17,000 please follow this link:


About the investment

Be a shareholder to own a bit of Loupe - each share is worth £1

Receive a generous reward; there is something for all investment levels ranging from PV invites, discounts on products and jewellery making workshops, an exclusive investors pin every year, a jewellery making workshop for 2, your own get creative party for 10, and even an meal with me and the team!

Receive 50% back of what you invest in income tax relief.  Yes it's true - the government gives you money back for investing in Loupe! The generous SEIS government scheme is designed to support start-ups!



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