Alex Monroe launches new Jewellery School


Alex Monroe launches new Jewellery School

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One of Britain's best known jewellery designers Alex Monroe has launched a jewellery school in his recently completed award-winning studio in Bermondsey in London where he will take the lead in passing on his techniques and passion in a series of themed tutorials.

After months of planning and preparation, the ‘Alex Monroe Jewellery School’ will open this month, launching with a theme special to Monroe. It has been 10 years since he launched his iconic and much admired Bumblebee necklace and finally he will let his first 10 Jewellery School customers  into his secret as to how it came about, how he made it and how they can create their own necklace.

“I love the process of making jewellery. I always have. I love the tools, the workshop, the highs and lows… and when you really love something it’s a pleasure to share it with others," he said.

"Jewellery School is really just a way of sharing the fun! And when you teach other people you always get back so much more than you give. It’s a real privilege and I can’t wait to get started.”

 “Since the beginning, every Alex Monroe piece has been individually handcrafted in our London Workshops, and we have always looked at ways to share our unique making experience with our customers.  With the completion of our award winning studio in 2016 – the perfect space for working and teaching, Alex’s dream of jewellery school was born.”

Monroe's jewellery was recently featured in the BBC's popular drama The Split where the main character Hannah, wore a Dor Beetle Necklace in the first episode. For episode 2,  Bumblebee Necklace made its dramatic debut then Monroe's Sweet Cicily Entwined Heart Necklace appeared in Episode 3. The final three episodes saw his Pineapple, Large Feather and Posy Bee Loop necklaces plus further appearances from the Bumblebee and Beetle.

Classes at the Alex Monroe Jewellery School will be led by Monroe and a team of craftspeople and will be held at his new studio which recently won a Royal Institute of British Architects regional award. 


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