A world within a world - the Dreamboule 'Snowglobe' Ring


The 240-hour in the Making 'Snowglobe' Ring

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Every story-teller has to contend with the art of world building. None so much as Ben Crocco and the atelier of Dreamboule. Experts at translating dream worlds from imagination to the physical, Dreamboule's 'wearable snowglobe' rings are all about painstaking attention to the most miniscule of details. 

The idea was born when founder Ben Crocco observed the way the snowglobes catch and reflect light whilst watching his children playing on a winters evening. This, combined with his expertise in quality watchmaking was the basis for the Dreamboule's rings. 


There are four key components in Dreamboules creations: the Sapphire Cabochon, the Dream Solution, Scenery and Paillettes d'Or. Each component is finessed to provide aesthetic interest, whilst being robust. 

Under glass, Dreamboule's carefully selected scenes sit protected. Superior to its static predecessor, the 'snowglobe' rings dance in the light. 

The Swiss made Sapphire Cabochon is our window into the world of Dreamboule. The domed Sapphire crystal is engineered to be anti-scratch, anti-reflective and posesses a correct correct distortion index. 18 months of study, combined with Swiss watchman heritage, make the crystalline surface of the sapphire glass strong in substance and light in its iridescent reflections.

Scenes are suspended in Dreamboule's Dream Solution. Moving components within the ring dance in the liquid, whilst secret ingredients preserve its precious contents. The ideal density provides the perfect amount of resistance to produce a 'slow-motion' dream-like effect. Two intense years of research went into obtaining the ideal thermal compensation of the liquid inside the transparent heart. 

Thoughtful scenery within each ring is meticulously

finished with carefully sources stones. Multi-coloured natural sapphires of 31-46 carats provide colour and context each story. Ninety hours of high craftsmanship to bring to life each magic scenery.

Each Dreamboule ring contains delicate golden flakes or gold dust that create an iconic movement effect within the sapphire cabochon. The production processes of paillettes and poudre are very complex, requiring special skills and a high goldsmith mastery.

A unique mix is required to achieve the radiant and timeless light of these delicate gold leaves. The phase of cutting gold leaves in small and impalpable flaxes is the true expression of high craftsmanship and an ancient “metier d’art”. Two additional processing steps are required for the preparation of gold powder. The alloy of paillettes and poudre is in 24K gold, purer than the gold commonly used in the industry.

For the 'Superb' line, Dreamboule offers a fifth element, the accessory. A cover, available in natural black or white rubber. The removable accessory is desgined to add privacy over the little world underneath. 

Overall, it takes 240 hours and 18 procedures to create and assemble each single ring. The high level of expertise involved in the process from the choice of precious gems, the engineering and mechanical study, the excellence in the assembly to the ability to preserve the beauty of an intuition enhanced by the search for the complex technical precision and skills all reveal a world of pure imagination. In Dreamboule, watchmaking and jewellery meet to arrive at a new combination where the mechanics merges with beauty. 

The creative part of the whole process resides in Milan, in Brera, cradle of emotion and art for centuries. Here the Dreamboule Lab is born, the laboratory where the work of the collectors of the district of Valenza finds fulfilment.


Find out more about Dreamboule here: http://www.dreamboule.com/


Jessica Green


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