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20 to 24 January 2023

Vicenza, Italia

A reference point for the entire supply chain and the chance to update technical skills, boost professional growth and disseminate shared values and best practices within the industry. Vicenzaoro January 2023 - The Jewellery Boutique Show confirms its commitment to promoting training and the culture of jewellery. Training and skill enhancement among today's and tomorrow's professionals are major topics for Italian Exhibition Group, which will be staging the event from 20 to 24 January 2023, at Vicenza Expo Centre together with T.Gold, the international exhibition for jewellery machinery and the most innovative technologies applied to gold and jewellery, and VO VINTAGE, the vintage watch and jewellery event open to the public (20 – 23 January).

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility, key themes for the development of the sector, are essential elements for branding strategies and for creating value for every company. CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, is dedicating two events on Sunday 22 January.  The first, entitled “The branding of the jewellery market” will be attended by Esther Oberbeck, Senior Vice President De Beers Group in London, Lita Asscher, Co-CEO Royal Asscher Company in Amsterdam, Iris Van der Veken, Executive Director Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030 in Geneva, and Luca Buccellati , CEO Mario Buccellati Italia Srl.
The second event will link the theme to knowledge handed down from generation to generation. Entitled “Sustainability through successful succession”, it will involve London-based designer Alice Cicolini, who reproposes the traditional Persian enamel work of the last Jaipuri meenakari, handed down from father to son for over 200 years, Sarah Fabergé, Head of Heritage Council and Director of Special Projects at Fabergé, Alice Vanni, Director / Sustainability and Compliance Manager at Italpreziosi S.p.A., Enzo Liverino , who, with his family business in Torre del Greco, is committed to preserving the historical legacy of his family and his city in coral processing.

Vicenzaoro is also hosting the Watches & Jewellery Initiative Summit where CIBJO will be striving to promote the initiative founded by Kering and Cartier that aims at the adoption of common goals and vision within the industry, based on the principles set out by the United Nations Global Compact along the lines of the Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

The contribution of womenparticularly in the mining industry, and female empowerment are the focus of two meetings at Vicenzaoro on Saturday 21 January. The first, organised by Italpreziosi, will be attended by CEO and president Ivana Ciabatti, among the 100 women in the world in the mining sector awarded for their sustainable impact in the Women in Mining UK (WIM UK) special ranking, "100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining". The participants are figures who are making a difference in the mining industry, moderated by Iris Van Der Veken, Executive Director & Secretary-General of the Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030: Nancy Lipson , Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Newmont Corporation, Gwennael Guillen, VP Sustainability, Endeavour Mining Corporation, Charlene Wringley, Director Sustainability of Gold Field Corp.
BPW International and Africa Business Council will give a further reading on the subject, with a panel entitled “Women & business in jewellery (gems, stones, mines)”.

Vicenzaoro means also professional training.

In Vicenza, on Monday 23 January, RETAIL TALKS, the in-depth technical talks organised by Confcommercio Federpreziosi will address the needs of retailers. “Goodbye old dogmas, welcome new paradigms. Living and not surviving in change” will present the results of the survey on new jewellery store customers by Confcommercio Federpreziosi’s Observatory using data from the research institute, Format Research. The second meeting, on the other hand, will be of a practical nature, on the theme “Selling on Amazon: is it worth the effort?” in order to understand the potential and better manage this channel.

GEM TALKS, the eagerly awaited appointment with gems will be back at the show with a discussion for operators entirely organised by the I.G.I. (Italian Gemmological Institute), dedicated to “The surprising characteristics of certain gems: chameleon gems and phenomenal gems”. The secrets of these gems will be revealed by Ludovica Faldi, IGI Milan Laboratory Analyst, and Lucia Gori, IGI Milan Lecturer, moderated by IGI Milan Director Loredana Prosperi.

The full programme is available online and on The Jewellery Golden Cloud (free official app for IOS and Android).

Dates 20 to 24 January 2023

Quartiere di Vicenza, Via dell’Oreficeria, 16 - 36100 Vicenza, Italia