The 4th international In Pursuit of Luxury (IPOL) Conference


Politecnico di Milano, italy





The 4th international In Pursuit of Luxury (IPOL) Conference 

Milan, Italy

28 - 29 May  2020 

'Luxury in the Age of Technology'

This 2020 conference provides a platform to continue to expand our understanding of luxury. As with previous conferences we welcome contributions from various disciplines and practices including automotive, architecture, engineering, fashion, product, digital design, retail, hospitality - all of which explore luxury through a critical lens to encourage debate. 

The 2020 IPOL conference will be held in collaboration with the Design Department - Politecnico di Milano / co-chaired by Associate Professor, Dr Chiara Colombi 

Our key questions:

  • How is the luxury market changing?
  • How is technology impacting on this change?
  • How are luxury corporations adopting technology?
  • How can innovation and technology play a strategic role in implementing a circular economic model?
  • Why innovate?
  • What is innovation?

Our four themes: 

  • Luxury and Technology Adoption, data acquisition, AI, AR, VR, social media 
  • Luxury and Innovation: The retail environment (physical and online), communication, branding, manufacture, materials, craftsmanship 
  • Democratised Luxury: Collaboration, supply chain, branding, the retail environment 
  • Luxury and the Circular Economy: Social responsibility, materials, distribution, manufacture, sustainability

Luxury and Technology

This theme addresses technologies which impact on luxury, in terms of adoption, data acquisition, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and social media.

Luxury and Innovation

How does innovation affect/impact/alter our experience and understanding of what constitutes luxury, including changes to the retail environment (physical and online), new forms of communication, branding, manufacture, materials, and craftsmanship.

Democratised Luxury

Consideration of democratised luxury will include collaboration, supply chain, branding, the retail environment.

Luxury and the Circular Economy

Issues of social responsibility will inform this theme, including materials, distribution, manufacture, and the ethics and practices of sustainable luxury.


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