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Continuing the Woldstone Gallery's launch of its ‘Spotlight’ exhibitions, highlighting exceptional jewellery and silverware by 21st century studio goldsmiths and silversmiths, 'Precious Proposal' is launched.

Woldstone will showcase jewellery and silverware by over twenty contemporary British and European goldsmiths; many award–winning. The Woldstone ‘Spotlight’ series of temporary exhibitions enables the gallery to introduce new designers and show a wider body of work by designers they represent on a permanent basis.

“Precious Proposal”

Woldstone was established in June 2015 by sisters Sian Perry-Smith and Bronwen Jameson who drew on their love of design and passion for craftsmanship in setting up the gallery. Based in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, the gallery showcases the work of leading 21st century goldsmiths and silversmiths, including Daphne Krinos, Catherine Mannheim, Tina Engell, Jean Scott-Moncrieff, Ulla Hornfeldt, Vicki Ambery-Smith, Nicholas Yiannarakis, Sarah Pulvertaft, Julia Beusch and Mikala Djorup. The Woldstone collection is handcrafted using precious metals, gemstones and pearls. Each piece reflects the distinctive style and workmanship of the individual maker.

A trained textile designer and artist herself, Sian is passionate about design. Bronwen has worked in the environmental sector and believes strongly in investing in long –lasting, heirloom pieces. Together they believe in seeking out collections by pioneering jewellers and silversmiths whose craftsmanship and timeless design can be enjoyed now and in the future.

Spotlight 3
“Precious Proposal” showcases original engagement rings and wedding bands.
Runs in February 2017

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