Pforzheim: 250th Anniversary of the Golden City

Goldstadt 2017


Pforzheim, Germany



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In 2017 Pforzheim, Germany will celebrate the 250th anniversary of its jewellery and watch industry. 

The city will mark this anniversary with unique exhibitions and spectacular live acts, with jewellery and design art, with conventions and congresses, with plenty of music and theatre and it will demonstrate which innovations have developed out of Pforzheim’s traditional industry.

It was Margrave Karl Friedrich, who in 1767 issued the privilege to create a pocket watch and silverware manufactory in Pforzheim. In doing so, he initiated a story of success that would shape Pforzheim to this day and finally make it the “Golden City”. 

What is more, the future of the town as a place of business, design and university will undoubtedly be shaped by this event that took place 250 years ago. It is time to celebrate all of this in 2017. Goldstadt Pforzheim warmly invites you to its jubilee festival!


Pforzheim, Germany

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