New York Jewellery Week 2018

New York City Jewellery Week


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Jewellery Week

New York City Jewellery Week

10 - 18 November 2018

NYC Jewellery Week is NYC’s first and only week dedicated to promoting the world of jewellery through educational and innovative NYC focused programming. In its inaugural year, NYCJW will feature groundbreaking exhibitions, educational lectures, explorative workshops, exclusive tours, and unique collaborations with the best and brightest businesses, brands, individual jewellers, artists, and designers throughout NYC.

Bella Neyman and JB Jones are the new heroines of the contemporary art jewellery movement. Unlike commercial fine jewellery or fashion costume Jewellery, One-of-a kind and limited production artist-made jewellery is a relatively new voice in the world of art and design. This is a voice that needs to be heard. And there is a large audience waiting to see it.
- Susan Grant Lewin, Collector and Founder

NYCJW is important because it will bring together the often disparate voices of the NYC jewellery communities, and will offer an opportunity for conversations between all types of jewellery. I look forward to this momentous confluence of bling!
- Jonathan Wahl, Director, The 92nd St Y Jewelry Center

New York City exists at an enviable intersection between all aspects of the jewellery world. The benefit of NYCJW is to give all of these voices a platform. Bringing a cohesive event to NYC will strengthen the field and give the appreciators, collectors, and general public an opportunity to view jewellery from a vantage point yet unseen.
- Erin S. Daily, Co-Founder, Brooklyn Metal Works

New York is the fashion capital of the world, and it is a tragedy that we are not exposing the city to the breadth of artistry in jewelry throughout the city. To have a jewelry week in NYC is to expose the world to the incredible work of incomparable NYC artists. We need to capitalize and showcase our city’s incredible talent and become the most influential platform for jewelry. NYCJW provides an avenue for unknown or lesser known artists to showcase their talents.
- A Thousand Facets