Munich Jewellery Week 2020

Munich Jewellery Week


Throughout Munich



Open to the Public



Munich Jewellery Week 2020

9  - 15 March 2020

Munich, Germany

Munich Jewellery Week statement on Coronavirus:

Due to multiple cancellations, we are now back to about 63 confirmed events, just like when we first started making a map in 2013. With the Week constantly growing, and more and more international visitors flocking to Munich, this year was supposed to be the biggest to date – 120 events. But we have to face the crisis, and it will surely be a different kind of Munich Jewellery Week, more local, than international, less crowded and less noisy. With many gallerists and collectors cancelling their trips, who will be our audience? We will have to wait and see. 

While the choice whether or not to travel to Munich, is a responsibility of each individual visitor, for those of you who decide to join, let’s make the best of it! Last week, with facemasks now a defining symbol of the coronavirus outbreak, a jeweller friend suggested decorating them with Swarovski crystals for Munich Jewellery Week – a typical jeweller’s can-do attitude!  The global situation is indeed very serious and deserves our utmost attention, but putting rhinestones on protective wear might be one way to brighten up a day... or a week!

We hope you enjoy your MJW, whether you will actually walk the streets of Munich, follow @munichjewelleryweek on Instagram, or join some of the events that were ‘transplanted’ to other locations: The National in New Zealand, Galerie Beyond and MAD walk in Belgium, etc. 

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