Munich Jewellery Week 2018

Munich Jewellery Week


Throughout Munich



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Munich Jewellery Week 2018

Munich Jewellery Week is an independent initiative that supports and communicates yearly citywide jewellery exhibitions in Munich.

This year, Munich Jewellery Week have launched a new interactive website to offer visitors and participants a smooth MJW experience. Directly linked to the Google Maps, the website will immediately indicate your location and distance to each event. Open it on your phone and click on the address line to switch to Google Maps. 

Take advantage of the free roaming for EU mobile users travelling to other countries and use our interactive website as a perfect tool to guide you around Munich!

For those of you who prefer a tangible map, on which you can write, draw and make your own daily routes, Munich Jewellery Week will offer a printed map, for FREE, featuring all submitted events (print run of 5000 copies). This large and exquisitely designed map will accommodate expanded event information, images and practical information. 


5 – 13 March 2018