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Jewellery Illustration Workshop with Elena Shkvarkina

K2 Academy of Contemporary Jewellery

2-day Workshop

21-22 May 2022

This course is designed to challenge your creative thinking and enhance your jewellery practise with new artistic expression.

About the course

Palimpsest Ink Drawing is the art of superimposed ink layers. 

Elena Shkvarkina developed this technique searching for an art practice that would allow experimentation beyond traditional art aesthetics, and encourage self-expression regardless of skills or prior painting experience. 

Thanks to its experimental nature, Palimpsest Ink Drawing welcomes improvisation and miss-marking. The layered application creates a memoir of your drawing where you can see previous layers emerging through those more recent.

During this workshop, you'll be introduced to the technique and its various applications in jewellery illustration. Elena will guide you to challenge your creative thinking and will show you ways how this artistic expression can enhance your practice as a jeweller.

Who will run the course?

Elena Shkvarkina is a Moscow-born, London-based artist and art coach.

Over the last four years, Elena has worked as a fashion illustrator, representing high-end brands such as Christian Dior and Selfridges at private and public events including London and Paris Fashion Week. She creates portraiture, fashion and jewellery illustrations enhancing the bond between brands and their clients through the experience of live art.

Elena’s art is deeply influenced by eastern traditions of ink and pigment painting. Blending Japanese painting (Nihonga) with progressive experimentations with ink, Elena developed application techniques that challenge the norms and canons. Some of these experiments led to the creation of Palimpsest Ink Drawing that she has been sharing with the public since 2019 through a series of workshops at Cass Art Islington and private tutoring. 

Date and Time

21 - 22 May 2022

10am - 3pm


£180 (all materials provided)

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