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Program 2017 of the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts Salzburg

Why produce art?
The motto of 2017 is the very general and fundamental question: Why art produce? This applies to the summer academy as an institution as well as to all art-makers.

What does it mean to produce art today, how is art related to the socio-political situation? And why do art teach and teach art over and over again? Art is a way to relate to the world.

However, art is also a place of retreat, art allows for immersion, that is, fusing with it or with certain situations, art sharpens our perception, art is a (political) expression and much more.

There are 18 courses.

New this year is a blogging course by Sabine B. Vogel and Sabrina Möller.

The Summer Academy is open to all interested, it has no curriculum, is not academic; All who study and teach here are full of zeal. Intensity and diversity therefore characterize the program.


  • Michael Beutler,
  • Kimberly Bradley,
  • Diana Campbell Betancourt,
  • Tony Chakar,
  • Melissa Dullius / Gustavo Jahn,
  • Melissa Gordon,
  • Valérie Jouve,
  • Aisha Khalid,
  • Andreas Lolis,
  • Bernhard Martin,
  • Till Megerle,
  • Sabrina Möller and Sabine B. Vogel,
  • Marc Monzó ,
  • Ruth Noack,
  • Paulina Olowska,
  • Lukas Pusch,
  • Tex Rubinowitz,
  • Mark Van Yetter.

Acclaimed Catalan jeweller Marc Monzó will direct a three weeks course with students
from all over the world at the Summer Academy in Salzburg. This year's jewellery
course takes nature as a source of inspiration.

“The medium of jewellery has often been used to represent nature in a beautiful and intimate way. The scale and tools that we use in jewellery invite us to take a precise and analytical attitude to our activity. In the workshop The Lines of Nature we will try to use our works to synthesize our perception of nature and our relationship with this environment. Nature, in its broadest sense, is equivalent to the natural or the material world. We will analyse, what we consider to be natural, and what forms are taken by the phenomena of the physical world,” Monzó says.

His work is known for its plain and intelligent design. Wining the prestigious Françoise van den Bosch prize 2016, he is among the most famous jewellers in Europe today. The jury praised his ability to reduce jewellery to its essence while still keeping it poetic, elegant, wearable and playful at the same time.

Marc Monzó was born in Barcelona, where he studied at the Escola Massana. Besides
developing his own work, he designs commissioned work for particular organisations and


Marc Monzó: The lines of nature


31 July – 19 August 2017


Künstlerhaus, Hellbrunner Str. 3, 5020 Salzburg, Austria


€ 950.- (reduced € 710.-)

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All prospective participants must apply for acceptance. Teaching artists select participants on
the basis of the submitted dossier. More information:


Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts

Registration, Deadlines, Costs

Depending on the duration, the course fee is between € 370 and € 1,200.

Application Deadline

General applications until 2 May 2017

Course Dates

17 July 26 August 2017


International Summer Academy For Fine Arts Salzburg Postfach 18, 5010 Salzburg, Austria.