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Inhorgenta Munich


Messe München, Germany



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Messe München, Germany

16 - 19 February 2024

2024 marks the 50th anniversary of INHORGENTA

INHORGENTA has been the showcase for the industry and the key to opening up new markets since 1974. The 50th anniversary edition of INHORGENTA will take place from February 16 to 19, 2024 with a large supporting program.

INHORGENTA started in 1974 as the “1st International Trade Fair for Watches, Jewelry, Gemstones and Silverware” and was a success right from the start. That was because the industry wanted to establish its own, dedicated trade fair for Germany and Europe. An opportunity for Messe München. Dr. Gabriele Weishäupl, as press spokeswoman, gave the trade fair its name, inspired by the Latin terms ‘gemma’ for gemstone, ‘aurum’ for gold, ‘argento’ for silver, ‘hora’ for hour, and of course ‘in’ for international.

INHORGENTA soon established itself as the key to opening up new markets, also thanks to the, in the meantime, around 1,000 employees in over 130 countries worldwide. INHORGENTA has played host to the world since it was founded, and exhibitors from across the globe present their latest creations. The international character of INHORGENTA is reflected in the exhibitors from all parts of the world.

Since then, the trade fair has welcomed not only all the important countries, but also almost all the big names in the industry. Since 1998, that has been at the new exhibition center with state-of-the-art security facilities and first-rate infrastructure.

“As the leading business platform in Europe, INHORGENTA brings the right people together. The desire for encounters, trading up, and authentic luxury from independent brands opens up many new opportunities,” says Stefanie Mändlein, Exhibition Director, looking to the future with optimism.

50 years of success will be duly celebrated in 2024

When INHORGENTA was founded in 1974, Munich was experiencing the dawn of a new age and had risen to become an ultra-modern international lifestyle metropolis: The recently opened Olympic Park hosted the World Cup soccer games, it offered the most modern public transport network of any European metropolis, and was the epicenter of the budding disco pop era.

Since its foundation, big stars like singer Udo Jürgens, Oscar winner Sir Peter Ustinov, Eurovision winner Lena Meyer-Landruth, or German shooting stars like Vincent Weiss or Leony, as well as model icon Nadja Auermann have entertained at INHORGENTA events. Big names and stars will also be there again in the 2024 anniversary year.

For its 50th anniversary in 2024, INHORGENTA will be more modern and forward-looking than ever: with an ultra-modern new look and feel by international star designer Mirko Borsche, a spectacular new location and program for the INHORGENTA AWARD, three special anniversary exhibitions, and a host of other highlights in the supporting program.

50 years young and better than ever is the central theme for the upcoming anniversary edition of INHORGENTA from February 16 to 19, 2024.

Bold new logo and modern visual language by Mirko Borsche

Together with the internationally renowned designer Mirko Borsche, INHORGENTA has refreshed its look, which it is showing off for the start of its 50th anniversary year. With an upgraded and modern design, INHORGENTA is not only creating a fresh style but also a new feeling.

New decade, new look: The re-branding of INHORGENTA

A familiar face is responsible for this fresh appearance. At the beginning of the year, Stefanie Mändlein returned as Exhibition Director of INHORGENTA. She has since presented the visual re-branding, including a revised logo and innovative visual language, for Europe’s leading industry platform for jewelry, watches and gemstones. Even before INHORGENTA celebrates its 50th anniversary, Stefanie Mändlein already wants to shape its future and has given it a new highly sophisticated look for this purpose – strong, self-confident, innovative and pioneering.

“Bold and confident, but at the same time subtle and timeless, like our platform itself: this is the goal for the new corporate design of INHORGENTA. The new logo finds its strength in its powerful, clean contrasts and confident lines. The visual language impresses by playing with reflections and silhouettes, and thus reflects the emotionality and high quality of our industry,” says Stefanie Mändlein about the new design. “The new look therefore visually points the way for the future of INHORGENTA.”

Fresh look with a modern logo: Mirko Borsche creates the new INHORGENTA design

The multi-award-winning graphic designer Mirko Borsche was commissioned to create a luxurious and high-quality, yet modern and bold typeface for the INHORGENTA logo.

“In developing the new design, we relied on Mirko Borsche’s experience and avant-garde flair,” explains Stefanie Mändlein. “He created the modern, luxurious look for us that appears subtle as it does confident. Its clean design, with strong contrasts and sleek silhouettes, embodies INHORGENTA's aspirations.”

The designer himself sees his design as the visual indicator of the future of INHORGENTA: “I am delighted to be part of this new chapter of INHORGENTA. On the occasion of the trade fair’s 50th anniversary, I was asked not only to develop a new design for the lettering ‘INHORGENTA’, but also to visually embody where the platform is heading. Accordingly, I worked out a modern aesthetic that is as simple as it is luxurious, and as confident as it is timeless.”

The photo campaign with dynamic, expressive images, matching the modern design was produced by renowned photographer Andrea d’Aquino.

New campaign with artwork from Mirko Borsche and photographer Andrea d´Aquino

Jewelers are the most important visitor group at INHORGENTA MUNICH, which will host the international watch, jewelry and gemstone industry in Munich from February 24 to 27. How does the retail sector deal with present challenges? We asked Anja Heiden, CEO Jewellery Division and Member of the Board of Wempe in Hamburg/Germany, and Dominik Maegli, Owner of MAEGLI tick different in Solothurn/Switzerland.

In late February, INHORGENTA will provide valuable guidance in turbulent times. Despite all the challenges due to the pandemic and current economic developments: “We were rewarded with encouraging sales when customers returned to the stores—the run on products that hold their value was intensified by the crisis,” reports Anja Heiden, Member of the Board at Wempe Jewelers. Swiss Dominik Maegli, Owner of MAEGLI tick different, is experiencing rapid changes especially in the watch industry, “more specifically in the distribution at retail level. The gap between small retailers and those expanding enormously is widening. Jewelers need to strike a balance between being independent and leveraging the appeal of big brands”.

A must: a digital strategy

Both jewelers are very much concerned with the digital transformation. “Although we draw customers' attention to us online and also sell some products online, we definitely don't want to be perceived as an online retailer,” Maegli emphasizes. “After all, you can only truly experience the intricacies in our consulting services through personal contact.” Wempe continuously invests in its IT infrastructure, “currently primarily in our CRM and checkout systems. That is the basis for steadily growing online sales, including cooperations such as with the Breuninger online marketplace. Omnichannel is the magic word,” says Heiden.

Especially young customers think about sustainability

Sustainability is particularly important to younger customers, “a fact we primarily observe in the wedding ring segment,” reports Heiden. “Our partners sign a Code of Conduct on Corporate Social Responsibility before we include them in our portfolio. However, the overall demand for sustainability is marginal—simply because jewelry is not a disposable item." And yet, Maegli confirms that its relevance is on the rise: “We strive to provide as complete information as possible about how products were made and which manufacturers are involved and how—and act as sustainably as possible ourselves.”

Networking and finding inspiration at INHORGENTA

“INHORGENTA is very important for us, especially in the jewelry sector,” explains Maegli, as this is where we can “fully focus on jewelry without it quickly being marginalized by watches, as at other trade fairs.” To Heiden, INHORGENTA is above all "key for trend scouting, non-binding exchange and expanding my network”.

Dates: 16 -19 February 2024
Venue: Messe München, Germany