HYBRID: Exploring the Intersection of Craft and Collaboration

HYBRID: Exploring the Intersection of Craft and Collaboration


The Haberdashery, Glasgow



Open to the Public


Graduate Show

HYBRID: Exploring the Intersection of Craft and Collaboration

The Haberdashery, Glasgow

5th – 7th June 2024

The 'Hybrid' showcase displays individual and collective works of Artists in Residence at the Glasgow School of Art, who are reimagining, challenging, and expanding the notion of craft-making through innovative approaches. These contemporary craft-makers explore hybrid concepts and cross-cultural intersections using analogue and digital means of expression.

This thoughtfully curated collection of individual and collective works amplifies the relevance of symbiotic relationships between the poetic and the linguistic, realism and surrealism, fluidity and statics, trauma and intimacy, and the cross-fertilisation of cultures through objects, jewellery, and textiles.

Collaborations between artists bridge the gap between disciplines, sharing skills and techniques to create cohesive artworks. 'Hybrid' is evidence of the interplay of dialogue through material and proposes alternative approaches in contemporary craft-making.

The showcased artists come from diverse disciplines of metalworking craft, including a textile artist.

Participating artists include:

Alice Biolo: Incorporating minimalistic forms and hidden symbolism, Biolo's jewelry designs blend traditional craftsmanship with new technology to create elegant and symbolic pieces.

Anita Sarkezi: Specializing in digital jacquard hand-weaving and multi-weft tapestry, Sarkezi employs color and ornament through using deadstock silks and cahsmere.

Niamh Wright: Utilizing modern techniques such as laser cutting and 3D printing, Wright combines them with precious metals and mother-of-pearl to craft intricate and unique jewelry pieces.

Amy Findlay: Meticulously crafting realistic jewelry with a surreal twist, Findlay employs wax carvings and gemstones to create intricate textures and captivating designs.

Caius Bearder: Working predominantly in silver, Bearder utilizes engraving and traditional handforming techniques to create dynamic and visually striking jewelry pieces.

Lucy Johnson: Inspired by concrete and brutalism, Johnson translates her passion into unique metal and concrete sculptures, exploring the intersection of art and architecture.

Yitong Zhang: Bridging the world of poetry with tangible objects, Zhang's craftworks engage in a balanced dialogue between the abstract and the concrete, inviting viewers to contemplate the meeting point of the two realms.


Don't miss this opportunity to experience "Hybrid" and explore the innovative world of contemporary craftmaking. Join us at The Haberdashery, located at 545 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G3 7PQ, from June 5th to 7th.

The Haberdashery 545 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G3 7PQ

5th – 7th June 2024

5th - 6th June,  9am – 6pm

7th June, 9am – 2.30pm

For more information, please contact abiolo.design@libero.it or studio.sarkezi@gmail.com

or visit www.alicebiolo.com/hybrid