Goldsmiths Fair Talks Programme

Goldsmiths' Fair 2017


Goldsmiths' Hall, London



Open to the public



Goldsmiths' Fair Host Breakfast and Afternoon Talks Programme

Goldsmiths' Fair 2017 will be hosting a comprehensive set of talks throughout the two week event.

Breakfast Talks

Be part of the exciting discussions hosted by industry specialists at this year's event.

Talks begin at 10am with breakfast from 9.30am. 

Wednesday 27 September

  • Joanna Hardy will discuss her exhibition 'Timeless Innovation: Selections from the Goldsmiths’ Company Modern Jewellery Collection'.

Thursday 28 September

  • Catrin Jones, curator at the Holburne Museum will speak about 'Understanding the Surface of Silver'.

Friday 29 September

  • The Jewellery Editor's Maria Doulton will discuss 'Red Carpet Jewellery'.

Wednesday 4 October

  • Consultant Senior Specialist at Christie’s, Jeffrey Lassaline, will speak about the Silver Trust Collection on loan to 10 Downing Street.

Thursday 5 October

  • Managing Director of Boodles, Michael Wainwright, will share the unique heritage of the brand in 'The Boodles Story'.

Friday 6 October

  • Curator of British & European Iron Age Collections at The British Museum, Dr Julia Farley, will discuss the recent find of Iron Age Gold Jewellery in Staffordshire.

Afternoon Talks

Amongst the highlights of this year's afternoon talks programme will be a conversation with the Woman's Hour Crafts Prize finalist, Romilly Saumerez Smith. 

Wednesday 27 September

  • Corinne Julius discusses jewellery with Zoe Arnold and Jonathan Boyd.

Thursday 28 September

  • Eleni Bide on the drawings of Omar Ramsden and the Artificers’ Guild.

Friday 29 September

  • Janice Hosegood discusses commissioning silver with Shona Marsh and Brett Payne.

Saturday 30 September

  • Caragh McKay of Wallpaper* will discuss her favourite pieces from Week One.

Sunday 1 October

  • Christina Jansen talks to Angela Cork, Michael Carberry & Rebecca de Quin about The New Abstraction.  

Wednesday 4 October

  • Corinne Julius discusses forms and finishes in silver with Adi Toch and Ane Christensen.

Thursday 5 October

  • Avril Groom will choose her favourite pieces from Week Two.

Friday 6 October

  • Janice Hosegood on wedding and engagement ring commissioning with Maya Selway and David McCaul.

Saturday 7 October

  • Janice Hosegood will talk to Romilly Saumarez Smith, Lucie Gledhill and Anna Wales about their unique working relationship.


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