From The Greenhouse @ The Scottish Gallery

Åse-Marit Thorbjørnsrud Dahlia Brooch 2017 oxidised silver


The Scottish Gallery



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From The Greenhouse @ The Scottish Gallery 

The Scottish Gallery presents From The Greenhouse, an exhibition curated by Millie Behrens celebrating, for the first time collectively and in Scotland, three Norwegian jewellers all inspired by botany and the natural world. Millie, Ingjerd and Åse-Marit are extremely grateful to Norwegian Crafts for the funding that has helped to make this exhibition possible. 

Knowing each other since the eighties through Art College and various other means, Millie, Ingjerd and Åse-Marit all realised they had a similar interest in botany and the natural world, leading them each to design and create contemporary jewellery – the results each distinct but sharing a common love for the natural world.