Flux 2017 - Responsible, Ethical and Sustainable Jewellery Conference

Flux 2017


Assay Office Birmingham, Icknield Street, Birmignham. B18 6RZ



Trade Only



Brining together pioneering figures from the worlds of jewellery, fashion, and beyond - FLUX provides a platform for industry leaders who question the way in which we approach provenance and sustainability by examining the complex journey from mine to market.

This two-day event will build on our inaugural conference in 2016 to further encourage a dynamic platform for debate, providing an atmosphere of collaboration between open-minded individuals who wish to be part of something truly trailblazing.

Day one will focus on a range of topics relating to responsible and sustainable sourcing in the jewellery sector for small and medium sized businesses. You will hear from some of the best ethical jewellers in the UK about the challenges they have faced and overcome.

Day two will look at some of the wider issues in the industry and beyond. We will go into specific areas of the supply chain such as human rights and environmental impact, as well as hearing about big brands and global initiatives.

You are welcome to attend either day or both.

Our Keynote Speakers Will Be

  • Harriet Kelsall - creating a successful ethical business
  • Sarah Greenaway (Mosami) - the ethical consumer & ethical brands
  • Juliane Kippenberg (Human Rights Watch) - ethics and human rights in the jewellery supply chain
  • Vincent Pardieu - gem mining and the environment

Other confirmed speakers and participants include:

Day 1

  • Anna Loucah,
  • Arabel Lebrusan,
  • Marcin Piersiak (Alliance for Responsible Mining),
  • Liz Tinlin (Blue Babel),
  • Peter Crump (Vipa Designs),
  • Fairtrade Gold,
  • Tim Ingle (Ingle & Rhode),
  • Jon Dibben,
  • Sam Rose (September Rose)

Day 2

  • Lisa Levinson (ForeverMark),
  • Jack Cunningham (Gemfields),
  • Claus Teilmann-Petersen (Pandora),
  • Andrew Bone (Responsible Jewellery Council),
  • Peter Oakley,
  • Estelle Levin Nally,
  • Michael Rawlinson (NAJ),
  • Fairtrade Gold, Alan Frampton (CRED),
  • Mary Michel (Incorporation of Goldsmiths),
  • David Crump (Cockpit Arts),
  • Anna Barker (Estelle Levin),
  • Stuart Pool (Nineteen48)

Workshops and Panel Discussions

Delegates will be invited to participate in workshops and panel discussions throughout the two days, covering key topics about jewellery’s mine-to-market supply chain:

  • mining, sourcing and importing
  • design, production and manufacturing
  • retail, selling, marketing, PR and press/media

So come and be part of this inspiring event and join FLUX in questioning, challenging and facilitating progress, achievement and change.


25th and 26th April 2017


1 day - £85.00

2 days - £150.00


Assay Office Birmingham, Icknield Street, Birmignham. B18 6RZ

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