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Image credit- Left: Ami Pepper, Middle: Max Danger, Right: Shimell and Madden.

Gill Wing Gallery presents​ Fire and Facets​, a pioneering collaboration of craftsmanship across the continents. The project has created new jewellery by leading contemporary British designers featuring opals from Australia’s famous Lightning Ridge. The exhibition takes place in Gill Wing’s beautiful gallery in Islington, the leading London destination for contemporary jewellery. Fire and Facets is guest-curated by renowned New York jewellery blogger A Thousand Facets and will reveal limited edition opal inspired fragrances specially composed by award winning perfumer Sarah McCartney, made in London at her indie perfume house 4160 Tuesdays. This is truly a not-to-be-missed multi-sensory experience celebrating the mysterious beauty of the opal. 

Each opal has been hand cut for this special show by Loren Gurche of Ancients 17. Loren is a paleontology student who carves natural gemstones in between excavating dinosaur skeletons. His magical opals caught the imagination of social media queen A Thousand Facets, known for championing independent designers by sharing them online to jewellery lovers all over the world. This sparked the idea to invite some of her favourite U.K designers to each make a special piece of jewellery using a bespoke opal cut for their contemporary designs. 

Image Credit: Alex Monroe.

The unique enigma of opals comes from their incredible natural fire; formed in the Earth over millions of years, no two stones will ever be the same. The designers chosen to take part in Fire & Facets demonstrate the versatility of opal with exquisite designs ranging from exotic and luxurious to sci-fi and sculptural, some even hiding a secret surprise.  
The jewellery and fragrances will be complemented by opal print scarves from famous mineral photographer Richard Weston​,​ combining natural beauty with digital technology to capture their dazzling colours in Italian silk. All of the exhibition will all be available to purchase, joined by some special pieces from New York and loose opals hand cut by Loren Gurche. 
 Gill Wing will be holding an exclusive perfume event with Sarah McCartney and 4160 Tuesdays to coincide with the Fire & Facets exhibition during August. Places will be limited so please contact for details. 


U.K Designers: Disa Allsopp, Flora Bhattachary, Chris Boland, Ellis Mhairi Cameron, Max Danger, Fraser Hamilton, Amy Keeper, Alex Monroe, Ami Pepper, Shimell & Madden, Emily Thatcher, Maud Traon, Victoria Walker and Yen Jewellery.
U.S Designers: Balter, Ananda Khalsa, Karin Jacobson, Monica Marcella, Ruta Reifen, Sam Woehrmann and Shane Yamane.

Sarah McCartney, 4160 Tuesdays - Opal Fragrances. Richard Weston, Earth Images - Opal Scarves 

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Image Credit: Maud Traon.

Exhibition Run

17th August- 6th September


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Monday- Saturday: 10am-6pm

Sunday: 12am-6pm

(Bank Holidays: 11am-5pm)



Gill Wing Jewellery 

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