Ethically Sourced Gemstone Fair

Ethically Sourced Gemstone Fair


CIWEM Venue 106-109 Saffron Hill London EC1N 8QS



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Ethically Sourced Gemstone Fair

28 - 29 March 2019


The collaborative partnership of four of the UK’s leading ethically sourced gemstone suppliers, Stuart Pool (Nineteen48), Kathy Chappell (Fair Trade Gemstones), Ian Bone (Capricorn Gems) and Maira Toledo Rodrigues (Gemstones Brazil), will be offering their gemstones with full provenance of ethical sourcing to trade customers and jewellery/design students at three gem fairs in March and April.

These suppliers have developed the business connections to ensure that their gems have been sourced and processed throughout the chain from mine to market to satisfy the stringent ethical requirements now being rightly sought. 

“The word ‘ethical’ is used more in the gemstone trade than any other sector of commerce.  It means using moral principles, in this case in the mining, transport, processing and sales of these gemstones.   No other sector of industry is becoming more commercially aware, right down to the retail clients in the store, asking for the provenance of their purchase.  It will not diminish; it will grow.  Proof of the ethical sourcing of gemstones is rapidly gaining credence.” says Kathy Chappell. 

The gemstones available will include a wide range of sapphire, ruby, opals, diamonds, tanzanite, emerald, tourmaline, zircon, aquamarine and chrysoprase.  These gems come from traceable sources in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Australia, Malawi, Tanzania and the USA.  Other gems from these locations will also be available to buy.

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28 - 29 March 2019


9.30am - 6.30pm

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106-109 Saffron Hill



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Kathy Chappell

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