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Beyond the Blue

Gill Wing Jewellery

The Gill Wing Jewellery Gallery were inspired by current events to create their ambitious first "Open Call" inviting international jewellers to show work inspired by Blue, a colour, once more expensive than gold!

The gallery cast their net into the ether and gathered talent from across the planet to bring the most unusual blue jewellery to the people of London. 

The exhibition and its selection has taken on a life of its own as the jewellery itself has dictated a feeling of unity and peace to the show through themes and diversity.

Amidst the talents of British designers names include Helen Noakes and Emily Kidson, however it is hoped that the exhibition shows unity with our global neighbours through colour and creativity. This is epitomized in "Peace Parrot" by renowned art jeweller Felieke Van De Leest.

Many artists in the show are exhibiting in London for the first time. For example Columbian artist Paola Perez, with her exquisitely detailed fly earrings titled ‘Without Prejudice’, she explores our preconceptions of these tiny creatures going about their everyday lives and elevates their status and aesthetic beauty through jewellery.

Alongside established artists the gallery have new graduates such as Eva Balashova, who graduated from Glasgow University last year and will also show at New Designers this year. Her work explores themes of organised chaos and uses the latest technology to 3D print her design alongside traditional silversmithing techniques.

Every piece is hand made to suit individual tastes and a wide budget. From luxurious lapis lazuli, blue diamonds and precious metals to wood, fabric and recycled materials including a bio-resin made from recycled vegetables-a different kind of 24 carrot!


7th July - 31st August 2017


Gill Wing Jewellery
182 Upper Street
N1 1RQ